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The Influence of Future Work Self on Psychological Flourishing: A Chain Mediation Analysis Among Chinese University Students Conference paper
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Authors:  He, Fang;  Yang, Anting;  Zhou, Ting;  Huang, Zheng
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career adaptability  future work self  meaning in life  psychological flourishing  
Career adaptability as a mediator between social capital and career engagement Journal article
Career Development Quarterly, 2022,Volume: 70,Issue: 1,Page: 2-15
Authors:  Sou, Elvo K.L.;  Yuen, Mantak;  Chen, Gaowei
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Career Adaptability  Career Engagement  Chinese  Macao  Social Capital  
Career development in Macao: a perspective representing small states and territories Journal article
British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 2022
Authors:  Sou, Elvo K.L.;  Yuen, Mantak;  Chen, Gaowei
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Career Adaptability  Career Development  Chinese  Macao  Small States  
Assessing Perceived Future Decent Work Securement Among Chinese Impoverished College Students Journal article
Journal of Career Assessment, 2022,Volume: 30,Issue: 1,Page: 3-22
Authors:  Wei, Jingyi;  Chan, Sow Hup Joanne;  Autin, Kelsey
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Career Adaptability  Chinese Impoverished College Students  Future Decent Work Perceptions  Psychology Of Working Theory  Work Volition  
Downshifting: A career construction perspective. Conference paper
The 2021 Virtual Academy of Management Annual Meeting
Authors:  Loi, R.;  Liu, Y.;  Tang, H.;  Ngo, H.Y.
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downshifting  career construction theory  meaning in life  eudaimonic orientation  locus of control  
The Indirect Effects of Self-Esteem and Future Work Self on Career Adaptability Factors: A Study of Chinese Undergraduate Students Journal article
Journal of Employment Counseling, 2021,Volume: 58,Issue: 2,Page: 50-73
Authors:  Chan, Sow Hup Joanne;  Chan, Kuan Thye
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Appearance-contingent Self-worth  Career Adaptability  Future Work Self  Proactive Personality  Self-esteem  
The indirect effects of self-esteem and future work self on career adaptability factors: A study of Chinese undergraduate students. Journal article
Journal of Employment Counseling, 2021,Page: 50-73
Authors:  Chan, S. H.;  Chan, K. T.
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appearance-contingent self-worth  career adaptability  future work self  self-esteem  proactive personality  
Development and Validation of a Chinese Five-Factor Short Form of the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale Journal article
Journal of Career Assessment, 2021,Volume: 29,Issue: 1,Page: 129-147
Authors:  Sou, Elvo K.L.;  Yuen, Mantak;  Chen, Gaowei
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Career Adaptability  Career Success  Chinese  Cooperation  Macao  Social Capital  
A relational model of career adaptability and career prospects: The roles of leader–member exchange and agreeableness Journal article
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 2020,Volume: 93,Issue: 2,Page: 405-430
Authors:  Yang,Xuhua;  Guan,Yanjun;  Zhang,Yejun;  She,Zhuolin;  Buchtel,Emma E.;  Mak,Miranda Chi Kuan;  Hu,Hanlin
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Career-Related Parental Processes and Career Adaptability and Ambivalence Among Chinese Adolescents: A Person-Centered Approach Journal article
Journal of Research on Adolescence, 2020,Volume: 30,Issue: 1,Page: 234-248
Authors:  Zhou,Nan;  Cao,Hongjian;  Nie,Yangang;  Li,Xiaomin;  Yu,Shulin;  Liang,Yue;  Deng,Linyuan;  Buehler,Cheryl;  Zang,Ning;  Sun,Ruixi;  Fang,Xiaoyi
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