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臘羅彝語的度量短語 Journal article
語言暨語言學, 2023
Authors:  卜维美;  劉鴻勇
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Funeral Offering for My Younger Sister Cheng 祭程氏妹文 Book chapter
出自: Classic Chinese Poems of Mourning and Texts of Lament:Bloomsbury Academic, 2023
Authors:  張月
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Rhapsody on Recalling Old Friends 思舊賦 Book chapter
出自: Classic Chinese Poems of Mourning and Texts of Lament: An Anthology:Bloomsbury Academic, 2023
Authors:  張月
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评价系统视角下外交部表态中态度资源的翻译方法分析——以新华网政治新闻语篇之中、葡版本为例 Journal article
西班牙語論叢, 2023
Authors:  張劍波;  高心穎
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评价系統  外交部表态  态度资源  中葡翻译  
A Paradigm for Examining the Interplay of Environmental Investment, Environmental Disclosure and Firm Performance in China Book chapter
出自: Corporate Resilience: Risk, Sustainability and Future Crises, New York:Springer, 2023
Authors:  Zhang, Ruopiao;  Noronha, Carlos
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Environmental Investment  Environmental Disclosure  Firm Performance  China  Green  
中葡新闻翻译里的中国形象:基于批评性话语分析的案例研究 Journal article
西班牙語論叢, 2023
Authors:  張劍波;  熊雪瑩
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新闻翻译  批评性话语分析  国家形象  
2021年巴西文学概览 Book chapter
出自: 2021年外國文學通覽, 北京:外语教学与研究出版社, 2022
Authors:  張劍波
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文學  巴西  
Using “Actor-Network Theory and Friends” to explore CSR Reporting in the Information and Communication Technology Sector under the Belt and Road Initiative Book chapter
出自: Comparative CSR and Sustainability: New Accounting for Social Consequences, London and New York:Routledge, 2022
Authors:  Noronha, Carlos;  Zhang, Ruopiao
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Digital Silk Road (Dsr)  Belt And Road Initiative (Bri)  Csr Reporting,  Actor-network Theory (Ant)  
湘西凤凰苗歌译注及语言学研究 Book
上海:上海教育出版社, 2022
Authors:  吴芳;  刘鸿勇
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凤凰苗歌  译注  语言学研究  
What explains Macau students' achievement? An integrative perspective using a machine learning approach Journal article
Journal for the Study of Education and Development, 2022,Volume: 45,Issue: 4,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Wang, Yi;  King, Ronnel;  Haw, Joseph;  Leung, Shing On
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Reading Achievement, Pisa, Machine Learning, Macau Education