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Comparison of Ophiopogon japonicus and Liriope spicata var. prolifera from Different Origins Based on Multi-Component Quantification and Anticancer Activity Journal article
Molecules, 2023,Volume: 28,Issue: 3,Page: 1045
Authors:  Chen, Min-Hui;  Leong, Fong;  Gao, Si-Jia;  Chen, Xin;  Lu, Jin-Jian;  Lin, Li-Gen;  Wang, Yitao;  Chen, Xiao-jia
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Ophiopogon Japonicus  Liriope Spicata Var. Prolifera  Hplc-dad-elsd  Anticancer  Steroidal Saponins  Homoisoflavonoids  
Differential Foreign Body Reactions between Branched and Linear Glucomannan Scaffolds Journal article
Journal of functional biomaterials, 2022,Volume: 13,Issue: 4
Authors:  Li, Yuwei;  Liu, Yu;  de Souza, Senio Campos;  Chao, Tzuwei;  Dong, Lei;  Sun, Guoxing;  Wang, Chunming;  Niu, Yiming
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Glucomannan  Polysaccharide Structure  Electrospun Scaffolds  Immune Response  Foreign Body Reaction  
Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium (Chenpi) Protects against Endothelial Dysfunction and Vascular Inflammation in Diabetic Rats Journal article
Nutrients, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 24,Page: 5221
Authors:  Wang, Yuehan;  Zhang, Xutao;  Zhou, Chunxiu;  Khan, Haroon;  Fu, Manqin;  Cheang, Wai San
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Effects of steam on polysaccharides from Polygonatum cyrtonema based on saccharide mapping analysis and pharmacological activity assays Journal article
Chinese Medicine (United Kingdom), 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 1
Authors:  Chen, Zherui;  Zhu, Baojie;  Chen, Zhixin;  Cao, Wen;  Wang, Junqiao;  Li, Shaoping;  Zhao, Jing
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Bioactivity  Chemical Composition  Polygonatum Cyrtonema  Polysaccharides  Saccharide Mapping  Steam  
Persimmon leaf extract alleviates chronic social defeat stress-induced depressive-like behaviors by preventing dendritic spine loss via inhibition of serotonin reuptake in mice Journal article
Chinese Medicine, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 1
Authors:  Yu, Hui;  Shao, Shumin;  Xu, Junnan;  Guo, Haibiao;  Zhong, Zhangfeng;  Xu, Jiangping
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Camp/creb/bdnf Signaling Pathway  Dendritic Spines  Depression  Microbiota–gut–brain Axis  Persimmon Leaf  Serotonin Reuptake  
Teaching Chinese characters to first and second graders during the first covid-19 school closure in China: an observational study Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2022
Authors:  Zhou, Ziyu;  Graham, Steve;  Hsiang, Tien Ping
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Chinese Characters  Covid-19  Reading  Handwriting  Meaning  
Fecal fermentation characteristics of Rheum tanguticum polysaccharide and its effect on the modulation of gut microbial composition Journal article
Chinese Medicine, 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 1
Authors:  Wu, Ding Tao;  Yuan, Qin;  Feng, Kang Lin;  Zhang, Jinming;  Gan, Ren You;  Zou, Liang;  Wang, Shengpeng
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Digestive Stability  Fermentation Characteristic  Microbial Composition  Polysaccharide  Rheum Tanguticum  
Staggered-peak production is a mixed blessing in the control of particulate matter pollution Journal article
npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 2022,Volume: 5,Issue: 1
Authors:  Wang, Ying;  Huang, Ru Jin;  Xu, Wei;  Zhong, Haobin;  Duan, Jing;  Lin, Chunshui;  Gu, Yifang;  Wang, Ting;  Li, Yongjie;  Ovadnevaite, Jurgita;  Ceburnis, Darius;  O’Dowd, Colin
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Intake of flavonoids from Astragalus membranaceus ameliorated brain impairment in diabetic mice via modulating brain-gut axis Journal article
Chinese Medicine (United Kingdom), 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 1
Authors:  Li, Xuling;  Zhao, Tingting;  Gu, Junling;  Wang, Zhe;  Lin, Jing;  Wang, Rushang;  Duan, Tingting;  Li, Zhenghai;  Dong, Ruixue;  Wang, Weiming;  Hong, Kin Fong;  Liu, Zhilong;  Huang, Wenbo;  Gui, Dingkun;  Zhou, Hua;  Xu, Youhua
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Astragalus membranaceus  Brain  Diabetes  Gut  Microbiota  
The “whole ingredients extract” of Astragali Radix improves the symptoms of dextran sulfate sodium-induced ulcerative colitis in mice through systemic immunomodulation Journal article
Chinese Medicine (United Kingdom), 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 1
Authors:  Linghu, Ke Gang;  Ma, Qiushuo;  Xiong, Shi Hang;  Zhao, Mingming;  Chen, Qiling;  Xu, Wen;  Chen, Meiwan;  Zhang, Jian Ye;  Hu, Yuanjia;  Xu, Wei;  Yu, Hua
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Astragali Radix  Immunomodulation  Ulcerative colitis  Whole ingredients extract