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Perceived Authenticity and Experience Quality in Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism: The Case of Kunqu Opera in China Journal article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 5
Authors:  Lu, Wenwen;  Su, Yongjun;  Su, Sitan;  Zhao, Jie;  Zhang, Li
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Experience Quality  Intangible Cultural Heritage (Ich)  Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism (Icht)  Kunqu Opera  Perceived Authenticity  Satisfaction  
Observing observers in social systems theory: An interview with Hans-Georg Moeller Journal article
Tempo Social, 2021,Page: 333-353
Authors:  Moeller, HG;  Dias Minhoto, L;  Fucci Amato, L;  Loschiavo, MA
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Social Theory  Social Systems Theory  Radical Constructivism  Second-order Observation  
Enfolding Wholes in Parts: Quantum Holography and International Relations Journal article
European Journal of International Relations, 2020,Volume: 26,Issue: supplement 1,Page: 14-38
Authors:  Pan, Chengxin
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Relationalism  Quantum Holographic Ontology  David Bohm  The State  Whole-part Duality  International Relations Theory  
Traversing the Soft/Hard Power Binary: The Case of the Sino-Japanese Territorial Dispute Journal article
Review of International Studies, 2020,Volume: 46,Issue: 1,Page: 37-55
Authors:  Hagström, Linus;  Pan, Chengxin
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Diaoyu/senkaku Islands  Disciplinary Power  Productive Power  Sino-japanese Relations  Soft Power  
Teaching Qualitative Research: Versions of Grounded Theory Journal article
The Grounded Theory Review, 2019,Volume: 18,Issue: 1,Page: 29-43
Authors:  Carlin, A. P.;  KIM, Younhee
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Qualitative Research  Grounded Theory  Research Evaluation  Thematic Analysis  
Niklas Luhmann Book chapter
出自: The Cambridge Habermas Lexicon, Cambridge, UK:Cambridge University Press, 2019, 页码: 601-505
Authors:  Moeller, Hans-Georg
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Internationalization within school and educational psychology: Perspectives about positive indicators, critical considerations, and needs Journal article
Psychology in the Schools, 2018,Volume: 55,Issue: 8,Page: 982-992
Authors:  Bernardo,Allan B.I.;  Begeny,John C.;  Earle,Orlean Brown;  Ginns,Diana S.;  del Pilar Grazioso,Maria;  Soriano-Ferrer,Manuel;  Suzuki,Haruna;  Zapata,Roxana
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Co-constructivism  Educational Psychology  Globalization  Internationalization  Neoliberalism  Professional Practice  School Psychology  Scientific Imperialism  
Toward a New Relational Ontology in Global Politics: China’s Rise as Holographic Transition Journal article
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, 2018,Volume: 18,Issue: 3,Page: 339-367
Authors:  Pan, Chengxin
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China's Rise  Holographic Transition  Power Transition  Relational Ontology  International Relations  
European Union’s construction of international identity via strategic partnerships: associating and social distancinEE Journal article
Contemporary Politics, 2018,Page: 172-189
Authors:  Song, W. Q.;  Hall, R.B.
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European Union  strategic partnerships  constructivism  identity constructoin  
Deontic power, authority, and governance in international politics Journal article
International Relations, 2018,Volume: 32,Issue: 2,Page: 173-193
Authors:  Hall,Rodney Bruce
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Authority  Constructivism  Governance  International relations theory  Power