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A hybrid hemodynamic knowledge-powered and feature reconstruction-guided scheme for breast cancer segmentation based on DCE-MRI Journal article
Medical Image Analysis, 2022,Volume: 82
Authors:  Lv, Tianxu;  Wu, Youqing;  Wang, Yihang;  Liu, Yuan;  Li, Lihua;  Deng, Chuxia;  Pan, Xiang
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Breast Cancer Segmentation  Dce-mri  Feature Reconstruction  Hemodynamic Knowledge  
Joint model- and immunohistochemistry-driven few-shot learning scheme for breast cancer segmentation on 4D DCE-MRI Journal article
Applied Intelligence, 2022
Authors:  Wu, Youqing;  Wang, Yihang;  Sun, Heng;  Jiang, Chunjuan;  Li, Bo;  Li, Lihua;  Pan, Xiang
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Breast cancer segmentation  Few-shot learning  Immunohistochemistry  Model-driven  Molecular subtypes