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Improved AET Robust Control for Networked T-S Fuzzy Systems with Asynchronous Constraints Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2022,Volume: 52,Issue: 3,Page: 1465-1478
Authors:  Li, Wenfeng;  Xie, Zhengchao;  Zhao, Jing;  Chu, Shaoqiang;  Wong, Pak Kin;  Gao, Jinwu
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Asynchronous constraints  improved adaptive event-triggered (AET) mechanism  robust control  
Robust vibration control based on rigid-body state observer for modular joints Journal article
Machines, 2021,Volume: 9,Issue: 9
Authors:  Xin, Qiang;  Wang, Chongchong;  Chen, Chin Yin;  Yang, Guilin;  Chen, Long
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External Disturbances  Model Uncertainties  Modular Joint  Residual Vibration  Robustness  Torque Ripple  
Intelligent Vibration Control for Semiactive Suspension Systems without Prior Knowledge of Dynamical Nonlinear Damper Behaviors Based on Improved Extreme Learning Machine Journal article
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2021,Volume: 26,Issue: 4,Page: 2071-2079
Authors:  Huang, Wei;  Zhao, Jing;  Yu, Guokuan;  Wong, Pak Kin
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Chattering Elimination  Electrohydraulic Damper  Extreme Learning Machine (Elm)  Semiactive Suspension  
Material optimization of tuned liquid column ball damper (TLCBD) for the vibration control of multi-storey structure using various liquid and ball densities Journal article
Journal of Building Engineering, 2020,Volume: 32
Authors:  Tanveer, Muhammad;  Usman, Muhammad;  Khan, Imdad U.;  Farooq, Syed H.;  Hanif, Asad
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Multi-degree Of Freedom (mdOf)  Performance Optimization  Shake Table  Tuned Liquid Column Ball Damper (Tlcbd)  Tuned Liquid Column Damper (Tlcd)  Varying Densities  
Application of tuned liquid column ball damper (TLCBD) for improved vibration control performance of multi-storey structure Journal article
PLoS ONE, 2019,Volume: 14,Issue: 10
Authors:  Tanveer, Muhammad;  Usman, Muhammad;  Khan, Imdad Ullah;  Ahmad, Shakil;  Hanif, Asad;  Farooq, Syed Hassan
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Neural Network Filtering Control Design for Nontriangular Structure Switched Nonlinear Systems in Finite Time Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2019,Volume: 30,Issue: 7,Page: 2153-2162
Authors:  Sui, Shuai;  Philip Chen, C. L.;  Tong, Shaocheng
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Common Lyapunov function  finite time  nontriangular structure  switched systems  
Practical multi-objective control for automotive semi-active suspension system with nonlinear hydraulic adjustable damper Journal article
Authors:  Ma, Xinbo;  Wong, Pak Kin;  Zhao, Jing
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Semi-active Suspension  Multi-objective Control  Damper Control  Sliding Mode Control  Particle Swarm Optimization  Neural Network  
Design and Control of an Automotive Variable Hydraulic Damper Using Cuckoo Search Optimized Pid Method Journal article
International Journal of Automotive Technology, 2019,Volume: 20,Issue: 1,Page: 51-63
Authors:  Zhao J.;  Wong P.K.;  Xie Z.;  Ma X.;  Hua X.
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Cuckoo Search Optimization  Damper Control  Pid  Semi-active Vehicle Suspension  
"We want the world and we want it now": Materialism, time perspectives and problem spending tendency of Chinese Journal article
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY, 2018,Volume: 53,Issue: 5,Page: 356-364
Authors:  Ku, Lisbeth;  Wu, Anise M. S.;  Lao, Angie K. P.;  Lam, Kerwin I. N.
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Problem spending  Excessive buying  Materialism  Time perspective  Chinese  
“We want the world and we want it now”: Materialism, time perspectives and problem spending tendency of Chinese Journal article
International Journal of Psychology, 2018,Volume: 53,Issue: 5,Page: 356-364
Authors:  Ku, L.;  Wu, A. M. S.;  Lao, A. K. P.;  Lam, K. I. N.
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Chinese  Excessive Buying  Materialism  Problem Spending  Time Perspective