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MicroRNA biomarkers of type 2 diabetes: evidence synthesis from meta-analyses and pathway modelling Journal article
Diabetologia, 2023,Volume: 66,Issue: 2,Page: 288-299
Authors:  Zhu, Hongmei;  Leung, Siu wai
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Meta-analysis  MicroRNA biomarkers  MicroRNA-regulated pathway  Type 2 diabetes  
Spatio-Temporal Graph Attention Network for Sintering Temperature Long-Range Forecasting in Rotary Kilns Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2023,Volume: 19,Issue: 2,Page: 1923-1932
Authors:  Chen, Hua;  Jiang, Yu;  Zhang, Xiaogang;  Zhou, Yicong;  Wang, Lianhong;  Wei, Jinchao
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Forecasting in long-term horizon  multivariable time series  sintering temperature forecasting  spatio-temporal graph attention network  
Communication Matters: The Role of Patient- Centered Communication in Improving Old Adults’ Health Competence and Health Outcomes Journal article
Health Communication, 2023
Authors:  Piper Liping Liu;  Lianshan Zhang;  Xiaofen Ma;  Xinshu Zhao
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Effect of Information Encounter on Concerns over Healthy Eating – Mediated through Body Comparison and Moderated by Body Mass Index or Body Satisfaction Journal article
BMC public health, 2023
Authors:  Piper Liping Liu;  Angela Chang;  Matthew Tingchi Liu;  Jizhou, Francis Ye;  Wen Jiao;  Harris Song Ao;  Weixing Hu;  Kaibin Xu;  Xinshu Zhao
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Information Encountering  Information Enquiry  Information Scanning  Healthy Eating Concerns  Body Comparison  Bmi  Body Satisfaction  Average Percent Effect  Percentage Coefficient  Percent Contribution  
Political ideological distance and tourism demand: The cultural–political interplay Journal article
Annals of Tourism Research, 2023,Volume: 98,Issue: 00,Page: 103525
Authors:  Fiona Yang;  Shaozhi Li;  Gongyan Yang;  Yuan, Jia
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Political Ideological Distance  Tourism Demand  Cultural Dimensions  Visa Policy  Cultural–political Interplay  
Finding flaws in the spatial distribution of health workforce and its influential factors: An empirical analysis based on Chinese provincial panel data, 2010–2019 Journal article
Frontiers in Public Health, 2022,Volume: 10
Authors:  Bai, Qian;  Ke, Xinyu;  Huang, Lieyu;  Liu, Liming;  Xue, Dongmei;  Bian, Ying
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China  Health Workforce  Influential Factor  Spatial Distribution  Spatial Econometric Model  
Regulation of IFN-γ-mediated PD-L1 expression by MYC in colorectal cancer with wild-type KRAS and TP53 and its clinical implications Journal article
Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Guo, Libin;  Tang, Xiaoqiong;  Wong, Sin Wa;  Guo, Anyuan;  Lin, Yao;  Kwok, Hang Fai
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Anti-pd-1/pd-l1 Cancer Therapy  Ifn-γ  Kras  Myc  Pd-l1 Expression  Tp53  
Revisiting which/which-is relative clause in Hong Kong Cantonese Presentation
会议地点: University of Macau, 会议日期: 2022-12-05/06, 报告日期: 2022-12-06
Authors:  Chan, Brian Hok-Shing
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Relative Clause  Hong Kong Cantonese  Code-switching  Constructional Borrowing  
Vibrio parahaemolyticus prey targeting requires autoproteolysis-triggered dimerization of the type VI secretion system effector RhsP Journal article
Cell Reports, 2022,Volume: 41,Issue: 10
Authors:  Tang, Le;  Dong, Shuqi;  Rasheed, Nadia;  Wu, Hao Weng;  Zhou, Ningkun;  Li, Huadong;  Wang, Meilin;  Zheng, Jun;  He, Jun;  Chao, William Chong Hang
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autoproteolysis  CP: Microbiology  polymorphic toxins  Rhs proteins  T6SS  WHH nucleases  
Sustainability Reporting during COVID-19: A study of the Hospitality Industry Book chapter
出自: Comparative CSR and Sustainability: New Accounting for Social Consequences, London and New York:Routledge, 2022
Authors:  Ip, Pui San;  Noronha, Carlos
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Sustainability Reporting  Covid-19  Hospitality  Disaster  Crisis