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Revisiting contingency theory in regenerative social-mediated crisis: An investigation of Maxim's and Yoshinoya in Hong Kong's polarized context Journal article
Public Relations Review, 2022,Volume: 48,Issue: 4
Authors:  Ao, Song Harris;  Angela, M. A.K.;  Lennon L L, TSANG
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Contingency theory of accommodation  Crisis communication  Hong Kong social unrest  Polarized context  Social media publics  
Can grid governance fix the party-state’s broken windows?: A study of stability maintenance in grassroots China Journal article
The China Quarterly, 2022
Authors:  Xu JH(徐建華)
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Employee engagement, its antecedents and effects on business performance in hospitality industry: a multilevel analysis' Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2022
Authors:  Liu, X. M.;  Yu, J.;  Guo, Q.;  Li, J.
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Employee Engagement  Empowerment Leadership  Justice  Innovation  Business Performance  
Regretful or pressured? CSR reactions and disclosures of casinos in the aftermath of a natural disaster Journal article
Social Responsibility Journal, 2022
Authors:  Guan, Jieqi;  Noronha, Carlos;  Sio, Sandy Hou In;  Lam, Ching-Chi (Cindia)
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Csr  Crisis  Disaster  Gaming  Casino  Institutional Theory  Theory Of Planned Behavior  Theory Of Regret Regulation  
English Textbook Selection in Taiwan: Voices of Two Book Sales Representatives Journal article
Education Research International, 2022,Volume: 2022
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Xuan Van Ha;  Melissa H. Yu
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Designer Functional Nanomedicine for Myocardial Repair by Regulating the Inflammatory Microenvironment Journal article
Pharmaceutics, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 4
Authors:  Liu, Chunping;  Fan, Zhijin;  He, Dongyue;  Chen, Huiqi;  Zhang, Shihui;  Guo, Sien;  Zheng, Bojun;  Cen, Huan;  Zhao, Yunxuan;  Liu, Hongxing;  Wang, Lei
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Inflammatory Microenvironment  Molecular Imaging  Myocardial Repair  Nanomedicine  
Self-assembly Behavior of Metal Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals Journal article
Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2022
Authors:  Yang, Zhuoying;  Peng, Shaomin;  Lin, Fan;  Wang, Pengfei;  Xing, Guichuan;  Yu, Lin
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Metal halide perovskite  Nanostructures  Self-assembly  Solvent effects  Surface ligand  
Argumenta Oeconomica, 2022,Volume: 2022,Issue: 1,Page: 187-199
Authors:  Sheng, Li;  Yin, Yechang;  Zhang, Anning
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business cycles  pull factors  push factors  visitor flows  
Radicalizing and Conservatizing Ageing Effects on Political Trust in Asia, 2001-2016 Journal article
Social Indicators Research, 2022
Authors:  Anli Jiang;  Zhengxu Wang;  Tony Huiquan Zhang 张汇泉
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Political Trust  Ageing  Education  Age-period-cohort Analysis  Multilevel Models  Asia  
Vehicle Trajectory Prediction in Connected Environments via Heterogeneous Context-Aware Graph Convolutional Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2022
Authors:  Lu, Yuhuan;  Wang, Wei;  Hu, Xiping;  Xu, Pengpeng;  Zhou, Shengwei;  Cai, Ming
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Connected Vehicles  Convolutional Neural Networks  Dynamics  Feature Extraction  Graph Neural Networks  Interaction Context.  Predictive Models  Roads  Traffic Big Data  Trajectory  Trajectory Prediction  Vehicle Dynamics