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Nitrogen and Sulfur Co-doped Carbon Dots Enhance Drought Resistance in Tomato and Mung Beans Journal article
ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2021,Volume: 4,Issue: 8,Page: 6093-6102
Authors:  Kou, Erfeng;  Li, Wei;  Zhang, Haoran;  Yang, Xian;  Kang, Yunyan;  Zheng, Mingtao;  Qu, Songnan;  Lei, Bingfu
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Antioxidant  Carbon Dots  Drought Resistance And Recovery Of Plants  Drought Stress  Reactive Oxygen Species  Seed Germination  
Perspectives of adolescent and young adults on poverty-related stressors: A qualitative study in Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania Journal article
BMJ Open, 2019,Volume: 9,Issue: 10
Authors:  Hall, Brian J.;  Garabiles, Melissa R.;  De Hoop, Jacobus;  Pereira, Audrey;  Prencipe, Leah;  Palermo, Tia M.
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Coping  Mental Health  Poverty  Stress  Sub-Saharan Africa  
Section 15: Special Paper 'Climate Change and Water Management: Is EU Law Adapted to Climate Change?' Book chapter
出自: Water Resources Management- VI, Southampton:WIT Press, 2011, 页码: 827-840
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Climate Change  Impact  Adaptation  Eu Law  Water Resources Management