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Selling “independent foreign policy” amid the US–China rivalry: populism and Philippine foreign policy under the Duterte government Journal article
Pacific Review, 2022
Authors:  Song WQ(宋衛清);  Velasco, Joseph Ching
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Duterte  Philippine Foreign Policy  Political Marketing  Populism  Sino–philippine Relations  
União Europeia e Conflito na Ucrânia Newspaper Article
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European Union  Ukraine  Russia  Conflict  International Law  Sanctions  International Court Of Justice  International Humanitarian Law  Genocide  European Union Law  War Crimes  Criminal Courts  
“. . .delivered from the lie of being truth”: The Affective Force of Disinformation, Stickiness and Dissensus in Randy Ribay’s Patron Saints of Nothing Journal article
Text Matters: A Journal of Literature, Theory and Culture, 2021,Page: 84-96
Authors:  De Chavez, J. ;  Pacheco, V
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affective feedback loops  stickiness  dissensus  Randy Ribay  Patron Saints of Nothing  
“. . .delivered from the lie of being truth”: The Affective Force of Disinformation, Stickiness and Dissensus in Randy Ribay’s Patron Saints of Nothing Journal article
Text Matters, 2021,Volume: 11,Page: 84-96
Authors:  Pacheco, Vincent;  de Chavez, Jeremy
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Education, Internet Use, and Confidence in the Police: Testing the “Informed Citizen” Thesis in the Philippines Journal article
Asian Journal of Criminology, 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 2,Page: 165-182
Authors:  Tony Huiquan Zhang 张汇泉;  Sun, Jinlu;  Cao, Liqun
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Confidence In The Police  Education  Informed Citizens  Internet Use  The Philippines  
The postcolonial bare life: Reflections on agamben and the coronavirus Journal article
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 5
Authors:  Pacheco, Vincent
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Bare Life  Coronavirus  Giorgio Agamben  Populism  Rodrigo Duterte  
Masculinity in the Age of (Philippine) Populism: Spectacle, Hypermasculinity, and Rodrigo Duterte Journal article
Masculinities and Social Change, 2020,Page: 261-283
Authors:  De Chavez, J.;  Pacheco, V.
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Populism  Masculinity  Duterte  Spectacle  Hypermasculinity  
Masculinity in the age of (Philippine) populism: Violence and vulgarity in duterte’s hypermasculine discourse Masculinidad en la era del populismo (Filipino): violencia y vulgaridad en el discurso hipermasculino de duterte Journal article
Masculinities and Social Change, 2020,Volume: 9,Issue: 3,Page: 261-283
Authors:  De Chavez, Jeremy C.;  Pacheco, Vincent
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Duterte  Hypermasculinity  Masculinity  Populism  Spectacle  
“Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me”: Rethinking the Humanities (in Times of) Crisis Journal article
CRITICAL ARTS: South-North Cultural and Media Studies, 2019,Page: 1-14
Authors:  De Chavez, C.;  Varadharajan, AV
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Rancière  Democracy  Nussbaum  Affect  Duterte  Populism  
“Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me” Journal article
Critical Arts, 2019,Volume: 33,Issue: 3,Page: 46-58
Authors:  De Chavez, Jeremy;  Varadharajan, Asha
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Affect  Democracy  Duterte  Nussbaum  Populism  Rancière