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Improving self-efficacy beliefs and English language proficiency through a summer intensive program Journal article
System, 2022,Volume: 107
Authors:  Xu, Mei;  Wang, Chuang;  Chen, Xiangjing;  Sun, Ting;  Ma, Xiaomei
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English Listening And Speaking Skills  Intensive Summer Program  Self-efficacy  
Understanding Sustainable Development of English Vocabulary Acquisition: Evidence from Chinese EFL Learners Journal article
Sustainability, 2022
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Cognateness  Lexicalization  Vocabulary Acquisition  Polysemy  Frequency  
Learners’ perceived AI presences in AI-supported language learning: A study of AI as a humanized agent from Community of Inquiry Journal article
Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2022
Authors:  Wang, X.;  Pang, H.;  Wallace, M.P.;  Wang, Q.;  Chen, W.
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Artificial Intelligence  Language Learning  Community Of Inquiry  Human-ai Interaction  
The Development of Formulaic Knowledge in Super-Advanced Chinese Language Learners: Evidence From Processing Accuracy, Speed, and Strategies Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Zheng, Hang;  Hu, Bo;  Xu, Jie
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CSL (Chinese as a second language)  formulaic sequence  language proficiency  processing strategy  think-aloud  
Teaching Chinese characters to students in grades 1 to 3 through emergency remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2022
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Graham, Steve;  Wang, Zhisheng;  Wang, Chuang;  Skar, Gustaf B.
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Chinese Characters  Handwriting  Reading  Word Meaning  Writing  
Enhancing students’ metacognitive development in higher education: A classroom-based inquiry Journal article
International Journal of Educational Research, 2022,Volume: 112
Authors:  Li, Mo;  Yuan, Rui
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Collaborative Learning  Metacognition  Metacognitive Instruction  University Students  
Foreign Language Enjoyment and Classroom Anxiety of Chinese EFL Learners With Intermediate and Low English Proficiency Journal article
Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 2022,Volume: 13,Issue: 1,Page: 101-109
Authors:  Su, Huina
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Chinese EFL undergraduates  Foreign language classroom anxiety  Foreign language enjoyment  Intermediate and low English proficiency  Positive Psychology  
The Effects of Language Proficiency and Online Translator Training on Second Language Writing Complexity, Accuracy, Fluency, and Lexical Complexity Journal article
CALL-EJ, 2022,Volume: 23,Issue: 1,Page: 150-167
Authors:  Mujtaba, Syed Muhammad;  Parkash, Rakesh;  Reynolds, Barry Lee
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Google Translate  L2 Writing  Online Translators  Proficiency  Writing Performance  
Grade-Related Differential Item Functioning in General English Proficiency Test-Kids Listening Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2021,Volume: 12
Authors:  Liao, Linyu;  Yao, Don
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DIF  GEPT-Kids  grade  listening  mixed-methods approach  
English Learning and Self-identity Changes among Chinese ESL Undergraduate Students Journal article
Language Related Research, 2021
Authors:  Wallace, M.P.;  Chen, W.;  Zhou, S.;  Fu, S.
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Self-identity Change  Efl  Language Learning