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Reducing poverty through the shared economy: creating inclusive entrepreneurship around institutional voids in China Journal article
Asian Business and Management, 2022,Volume: 21,Issue: 2,Page: 155-183
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Si, Steven;  Yan, Haifeng
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Inclusive Markets  Institutional Voids  Poverty Reduction  Rural Areas  Shared Economy  
Entrepreneurial career persistence of hybrid entrepreneurs: The opposing moderating roles of wage work-to-entrepreneurship enrichment and entrepreneurship-to-wage work enrichment Journal article
Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2022,Volume: 132
Authors:  Asante, Eric Adom;  Danquah, Barbara;  Oduro, Frederick;  Affum-Osei, Emmanuel;  Ankrah Twumasi, Martinson;  Azunu, Collins;  Li, Chang
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Cross-role Enrichment  Entrepreneurial Persistence  Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy  Hybrid Entrepreneurship  Person-environment Fit  
Institutional support and firms’ entrepreneurial orientation in emerging economies Journal article
Long Range Planning, 2022,Volume: 55,Issue: 1
Authors:  Xiao, Zhenxin;  Chen, Xiaoyun;  Dong, Maggie Chuoyan;  Gao, Shanxing
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Emerging Economies  Entrepreneurial Orientation  Firm Ownership  Industry Life Cycle  Institutional Support  
The effect of the US–China trade war on Chinese new firm entry Journal article
Economics Letters, 2021,Volume: 203
Authors:  Cui, Chuantao;  Li, Leona Shao Zhi
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Entrepreneurship  Firm Entry  International Trade  Tariff Shocks  Us–china Trade War  
City resilience and recovery from COVID-19: The case of Macao Journal article
Cities, 2021,Volume: 112
Authors:  McCartney, Glenn;  Pinto, Jose;  Liu, Matthew
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Chinese Visitation  City Economies  Covid-19  Destination Resilience  Tourism Destination Vulnerabilities  
A Comparative and Historical Study of Entrepreneurship in the Early-twentieth-century Publishing Industry: Macmillan & Co. London, Macmillan Co. New York, Shanghai Commercial Press Co. Ltd., and Tokyo Kinkōdō Co. Ltd. Project
项目编号: CPG2021-00002-FAH, 2021-
Authors:  BILLYSO
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Entrepreneurship, market selection and income mobility - evidence from rural china Journal article
Journal of Economic Development, 2021,Volume: 46,Issue: 3,Page: 23-43
Authors:  He, Yong;  Sun, Guang Zhen
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Chinese Rural Economy  Entrepreneurship  Income Mobility  Market Infrastructure  Market Selection  Risk Taking  Social Capital  
Farmer entrepreneurs in China: an empirical investigation of their motivations, success factors, and challenges faced Journal article
Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2021,Volume: 33,Issue: 3,Page: 349-369
Authors:  Qing, Ping;  Li, Chongguang;  Chan, Sow Hup Joanne;  Deng, Shengliang
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China  farmer entrepreneurs  motivation  problems  rural  success  
Entrepreneurship Measurement and Comparison: Holistic Acceptability Global Entrepreneurship Index Journal article
Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, 2020,Volume: 33,Issue: 6,Page: 1959-1979
Authors:  Song,Lianlian;  Lai,Kin Keung;  Tso,Kwok Fai Geoffrey;  Yen,Jerome
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Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneurship Evaluation Matrix  Global Entrepreneurship Index  Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis  
Electrification design for modern housing scheme projects Journal article
Electricity Journal, 2020,Volume: 33,Issue: 5
Authors:  Ahmad, Tanveer
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Community development  Electrification  Energy planning  Housing schemes  Project cost estimation