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Cooperation between the EU and China: A post-liberal governmentality approach Journal article
Review of International Studies, 2022,Volume: 48,Issue: 2,Page: 346-363
Authors:  Fanoulis, Evangelos;  Song, Weiqing
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Eu-china Relations  Foucault  Governmental Power  Governmentality  Population  
Imagination in General Psychology: Thinking with Luca Tateo’s “A Theory of Imagining, Knowing, and Understanding” Journal article
Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science, 2020,Volume: 54,Issue: 4,Page: 920-932
Authors:  Gozli, Davood G.
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Activity Theory  General Psychology  Imagination  Intentionality  Mind  
Teachers’ practices and beliefs about teaching writing: a comprehensive survey of grades 1 to 3 teachers Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2020,Volume: 33,Issue: 10,Page: 2511-2548
Authors:  Tien Ping Hsiang;  Steve Graham;  Yu‑Mao Yang
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Beliefs  Epistemology  Teacher-efficacy  Writing  
Possibilities regained: neo-Lewisian contextualism and ordinary life Journal article
Synthese, 2020,Volume: 197,Issue: 11,Page: 4887-4906
Authors:  Piazza, Mario;  Dolcini, Nevia
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David Lewis  Epistemic Contextualism  Epistemic Modals  Epistemology  Imagination  Knowledge Attribution