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English textbook selection in Taiwan: Voices of two book sales representatives Journal article
Education Research International, 2022,Volume: 2022,Page: 1-6
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Xuan Van Ha;  Melissa H. Yu
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Reframing incentives for climate policy action Journal article
Nature Energy, 2021,Volume: 6,Issue: 12,Page: 1133-1143
Authors:  Mercure, J. F.;  Salas, P.;  Vercoulen, P.;  Semieniuk, G.;  Lam, A.;  Pollitt, H.;  Holden, P. B.;  Vakilifard, N.;  Chewpreecha, U.;  Edwards, N. R.;  Vinuales, J. E.
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Value-added exports and the skill premium: Evidence from China’s international and regional production networks Journal article
Pacific Economic Review, 2021,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 183-211
Authors:  Cui, Chuantao;  Li, Leona Shao Zhi;  Peng, Daoju
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Quadratic effects of dynamic decision-making capability on innovation orientation and performance: Evidence from Chinese exporters Journal article
Industrial Marketing Management, 2019,Volume: 83,Page: 59-69
Authors:  Paul Hughes;  Anne L. Souchon;  Ekaterina Nemkova;  Ian R. Hodgkinson;  João S. Oliveira;  Nathaniel Boso;  Magnus Hultman;  Abena A. Yeboah-Banin;  Joseph Sy-Changco
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Dynamic Capabilities  Exporting  Decision-making  Innovation  Export Market Performance  Quadratic Effects  China  
Warburg Effects in Cancer and Normal Proliferating Cells: Two Tales of the Same Name Journal article
Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics, 2019,Volume: 17,Issue: 3,Page: 273-286
Authors:  Sun, Huiyan;  Chen, Liang;  Cao, Sha;  Liang, Yanchun;  Xu, Ying
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Cancer  Cell Proliferation  Fenton Reaction  Ph Homeostasis  Warburg Effect  
"Export Organization Capabilities, Competitive Advantage, and Performance: A Dynamic Capabilities Approach, The Case of Philippine Exporters" Project
项目类型: MYRG, 项目编号: MYRG2015-00095-FBA, 2017-
Authors:  SENGFONG
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How Chinese exporters acquire learning capability: Empirical evidence from an emerging economy Book chapter
出自: Organizational Learning in Asia, UK:Elsevier, 2017, 页码: 133-152
Authors:  L.Mac;  F.Evangelista
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Organizational Learning  Performance  Export-market Learning  
The Relative Impact of Market Orientation and Entrepreneurship on Export Performance: Do We Really Know Enough? Journal article
Journal of Global Marketing, 2016,Volume: 29,Issue: 5,Page: 266-281
Authors:  Mac,Lancy;  Evangelista,Felicitas
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Entrepreneurship  Exporter  Learning Orientation  Market Orientation  
Intensity and diversity of Internationalization among SME exporters in China Journal article
Multinational Business Review, 2016,Volume: 24,Issue: 3,Page: 229-248
Authors:  Lancy Mac;  Felicitas Evangelista
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Exporters  China  Export Intensity  Export Intensity  Ambidexterity  Institutional Perspective  
Intensity and diversity of internationalization among small and medium-sized exporters in China Journal article
Multinational Business Review, 2016,Volume: 24,Issue: 3,Page: 229-248
Authors:  Lancy Mac;  Felicitas Evangelista
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China  Export Intensity  Ambidexterity  Export Diversity  Exporters  Institutional Perspective