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Algorithmic trading and post-earnings-announcement drift: A cross-country study Journal article
International Journal of Accounting, 2023
Authors:  Tao Chen
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Algorithmic Trading  Post-earnings-announcement Drift  Investor Protection  Information Dissemination  Disclosure Requirements  
Liquidity shocks and intraday price reaction Journal article
Journal of Financial Research, 2023
Authors:  Tao Chen
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Liquidity Shocks  Price Impact  Uninformed Traders  Intraday Market Efficiency  
Non-investor Institutions' Site Visits and Corporate Social Responsibilities Journal article
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, 2023
Authors:  Tam, L.H.K.;  Tian, S.H.
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Corporate Site Visit  Corporate Social Responsibilities  Csr  Non-investor Institutions  Media  
Current account imbalances, income inequality, and financial instability: Asian experiences Journal article
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2023
Authors:  Xiao Chang;  Nian Liu;  Chun Kwok Lei;  Qingbin Zhao;  Xinhua Gu
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Do international resources configure SMEs' sustainable performance in the digital era? Evidence from Pakistan Journal article
Resources Policy, 2023,Volume: 80
Authors:  Xin, Yongrong;  Khan, Rizwan Ullah;  Dagar, Vishal;  Qian, Fang
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Artificial intelligence  Financial and technological resources  Green entrepreneurial orientation  Hybrid approach  Internationalization  Sustainable performance  
The beauty premium of tour guides in the customer decision-making process: An AI-based big data analysis Journal article
Tourism Management, 2022,Volume: 93,Page: 104575
Authors:  Yang, Fiona X;  Li, Ying;  Li, Xiaotong;  Yuan, Jia
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Beauty Premium  Tour Guide  Facial Recognition  Artificial Intelligence  Deep Learning  Big Data  
Language Barrier, Corporate Site Visit, and Analyst Forecast Accuracy Conference paper
Auckland, New Zealand, 8/12/2022
Authors:  Lewis H.K. Tam;  Shaohua Tian
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Financial Analysts  Forecast Accuracy  Linguistic Distance  Corporate Site Visit  
Recent advances in wearable electromechanical sensors—Moving towards machine learning-assisted wearable sensing systems Journal article
Nano Energy, 2022,Volume: 105,Page: 108041
Authors:  Nian Dai;  Iek Man Lei;  Zhaoyang Li;  Yi Li;  Peng Fang;  Junwen Zhong
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Post COVID-19 mental health symptoms and quality of life among COVID-19 frontline clinicians: a comparative study using propensity score matching approach Journal article
Translational Psychiatry, 2022,Volume: 12,Issue: 1
Authors:  Zhao, Yan Jie;  Xing, Xiaomeng;  Tian, Tengfei;  Wang, Qian;  Liang, Sixiang;  Wang, Zhe;  Cheung, Teris;  Su, Zhaohui;  Tang, Yi Lang;  Ng, Chee H.;  Sha, Sha;  Xiang, Yu Tao
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Insomnia Severity Index  Critical-appraisal  China  Care  Workers  Validation  Depression  Outbreak  Validity  Anxiety  
Supervised actor-critic reinforcement learning with action feedback for algorithmic trading Journal article
Applied Intelligence, 2022
Authors:  Sun, Qizhou;  Si, Yain-Whar
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Finance  Reinforcement Learning  Supervised Learning  Algorithmic Trading