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Therapeutic potential of triptolide in autoimmune diseases and strategies to reduce its toxicity Journal article
Chinese Medicine, 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 1,Page: 114
Authors:  Cheng, Yaxin;  Zhao, Yonghua;  Zheng, Ying
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Autoimmune Diseases  Pharmacodynamics  Pharmacology  Toxicity  Triptolide  
Mrna vaccines for covid-19: What, why and how Journal article
International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2021,Volume: 17,Issue: 6,Page: 1446-1460
Authors:  Park, Jung Woo;  Lagniton, Philip N.P.;  Liu, Yu;  Xu, Ren He
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Covid-19  Efficacy And Safety  Mrna Vaccine  Sars-cov-2  
Recombinant Vibrio parahaemolyticus ghosts protect zebrafish against infection by Vibrio species Journal article
Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 2020,Volume: 107,Page: 64-72
Authors:  Ji,Shengle;  Gong,Qiyang;  Zhang,Wenwen;  Zheng,Jun;  Peng,Bo;  Yang,Menghua
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Bacterial Ghosts  Immunoprotection  Polyvalent Vaccine  Vibrio Parahaemolyticus  
Th2-dominated antitumor immunity induced by DNA immunization with the genes coding for a basal core peptide PDTRP and GM-CSF Journal article
Cancer Gene Therapy, 2006,Volume: 13,Issue: 5,Page: 510-519
Authors:  Chu Y.;  Xia M.;  Lin Y.;  Li A.;  Wang Y.;  Liu R.;  Xiong S.
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γ1neo-PDTRP/GM-CSF  Gene immunization  Mucin1  Th2 type  
All-trans retinoic acid biases immune response induced by DNA vaccine in a Th2 direction Journal article
Vaccine, 2005,Volume: 23,Issue: 44,Page: 5160-5167
Authors:  Yu S.;  Xia M.;  Xu W.;  Chu Y.;  Wang Y.;  Xiong S.
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ATRA  DNA vaccine  Immune response  
Expression of target gene in eukaryotic cells driven by prokaryotic T7 promoter and its RNA polymerase Journal article
Sheng wu gong cheng xue bao = Chinese journal of biotechnology, 2005,Volume: 21,Issue: 2,Page: 182-186
Authors:  Yuan Z.G.;  Zhang J.P.;  Chu Y.W.;  Wang Y.;  Xu W.;  Xiong S.D.
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C3d enhances the immune response against HBV-preS2/S following gene immunization in mice Journal article
National Medical Journal of China, 2005,Volume: 85,Issue: 2,Page: 101-105
Authors:  Guan Q.-D.;  Wang L.-X.;  Guo Q.;  Zhang J.-P.;  Xu W.;  Wang Y.;  Xiong S.-D.
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Complement  Gene  Hepatitis B surface antigen  Vaccines  
Application of a gene vaccine targeting HER-2/neu in immunocontraception Journal article
DNA and Cell Biology, 2004,Volume: 23,Issue: 12,Page: 807-814
Authors:  Ni J.;  Ni Y.;  Wang X.;  Xu W.;  Wang Y.;  Xiong S.
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Contribution of C3d-P28 repeats to enhancement of immune responses against HBV-preS2/S induced by gene immunization Journal article
World Journal of Gastroenterology, 2004,Volume: 10,Issue: 14,Page: 2072-2077
Authors:  Wang L.-X.;  Xu W.;  Guan Q.-D.;  Chu Y.-W.;  Wang Y.;  Xiong S.-D.
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Preparation and characterization of monoclonal antibody against HBV M protein by gene immunization Journal article
Fudan University Journal of Medical Sciences, 2004,Volume: 31,Issue: 2,Page: 202-205
Authors:  Ni Y.;  Ni J.;  Wang X.-H.;  Zheng X.-J.;  Wang Y.;  Xiong S.-D.
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Gene immunization  Hepatitis B virus  Intrasplenic immunization  Monoclonal antibody