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English textbook selection in Taiwan: Voices of two book sales representatives Journal article
Education Research International, 2022,Volume: 2022,Page: 1-6
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Xuan Van Ha;  Melissa H. Yu
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Causality between Economic Policy Uncertainty and Tourism Using Three-dimensional Wavelet-based Approaches 经济政策不确定性与旅游业之间的因果关系探讨—基于三维小波分析 Journal article
Journal of China Tourism Research, 2022,Volume: 18,Issue: 2,Page: 316-326
Authors:  Wu, Tsung Pao;  Wu, Hung Che;  Wu, Yu Yu;  Wu, Su Tsung;  Liao, Shu Yen
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Bric Tourism Activities  Economic Policy Uncertainty  Frequency Domains  Three-dimensional Wavelet Analysis  Time Domains  
EEG Decoding of Dynamic Facial Expressions of Emotion: Evidence from SSVEP and Causal Cortical Network Dynamics Journal article
Neuroscience, 2021,Volume: 459,Page: 50-58
Authors:  Wang,Meng Yun;  Yuan,Zhen
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Dynamic Facial Expression  Granger Causality  Ssvep  
The effect of economic policy uncertainty on BRIC tourism Journal article
Anatolia, 2021,Volume: 32,Issue: 3,Page: 501-509
Authors:  Wu, Tsung Pao;  Wu, Hung Che;  Wang, Chi Hui;  Wu, Haotong;  Wu, Yu Yu
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BRIC tourism activities  economic policy uncertainty  frequency domains  time domains  wavelet analysis  
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Tourism Nexus Dynamics in the G7 Countries: Further Evidence from the Wavelet Analysis Journal article
Tourism Planning and Development, 2021,Volume: 18,Issue: 5,Page: 529-546
Authors:  Wu, Tsung Pao;  Wu, Hung Che;  Wu, Su Tsung;  Wu, Yu Yu
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economic policy uncertainty  frequency domains  time domains  Tourism activities  wavelet analysis  
Causality between tourism and housing prices: a wavelet-based approach Journal article
Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Tsung Pao;  Wu, Hung Che;  Wang, Chien Ming;  Wu, Yu Yu
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frequency domains  housing prices  time domains  Tourism activities  wavelet analysis  
Causality between global economic policy uncertainty and tourism in fragile five countries: a three-dimensional wavelet approach Journal article
Tourism Recreation Research, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Tsung Pao;  Wu, Hung Che;  Liu, Shu Bing;  Wu, Cheng Feng;  Wu, Yu Yu
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global economic policy uncertainty  three-dimensional wavelet analysis  Tourism activities  
Optical mapping of effective brain networks during the tangram task Journal article
Clinical and Translational Neurophotonics, 2020,Volume: 11225,Page: 5-23
Authors:  Zhishan Hu;  KY Lam;  Zhen Yuan
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Tangram  Visuospatial Reasoning  Granger Causality  Fnirs  Brain Networks  
Effective Connectivity of the Fronto-Parietal Network during the Tangram Task in a Natural Environment Journal article
Neuroscience, 2019,Volume: 422,Page: 202-211
Authors:  Hu,Zhishan;  Lam,Keng Fong;  Yuan,Zhen
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Brain Networks  Fnirs  Granger Causality  Tangram  Visuospatial Reasoning  
Linking brain activation to topological organization in the frontal lobe as a synergistic indicator to characterize the difference between various cognitive processes of executive function Journal article
Neurophotonics, 2019,Volume: 6,Issue: 2,Page: 025008
Authors:  Zhishan Hu;  Juan Zhang;  LingyanZhang;  Yutao Xiang;  Zhen Yuan
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Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy  Behavior  Network  Activation  Executive Functions  Frontal Cortex