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Inhibition and structure-activity relationship of dietary flavones against three Loop 1 human gut microbial β-glucuronidases Journal article
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2022
Authors:  Wang, Panpan;  Wu, Rongrong;  Jia, Yifei;  Tang, Puipui;  Zhang, Qingwen;  Wang, Yafan;  Yan, Ru
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Gut Microbial Metabolism  Β-glucuronidases  Gus Inhibitor  Flavones  Structure-activity Relationship  Allosteric Inhibition  
Discovery of a naturally occurring broad-spectrum inhibitor against gut bacterial β-glucuronidases from: Ginkgo biloba Journal article
Food and Function, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 22,Page: 11190-11201
Authors:  Bai, Yue;  Chen, Lu;  Wang, Pan Pan;  Tang, Yu Qiang;  Wu, Da Chang;  Zhang, Cui Li;  Zhou, Qi;  Yan, Ru;  Hou, Jie
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Discovery of a naturally occurring broad-spectrum inhibitor against gut bacterial β-glucuronidases from Ginkgo biloba Journal article
Food & Function, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 22,Page: 11190-11201
Authors:  Bai, Yue;  Chen, Lu;  Wang, Panpan;  Tang, Yuqiang;  Wu, Dachang;  Zhang, Cuili;  Zhou, Qi;  Yan, Ru;  Hou, Jie
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Gut Microbiota  Β-glucuronidases  Broad-spectrum Inhibitor  Ginkgo Biloba  Amentoflavone  Chinese Medicines  
Applications of BGUSs inhibition in tumor prevention and chemotherapy Journal article
Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2021,Volume: 26,Issue: 8,Page: 964-974
Authors:  Wu RR(吴蓉蓉);  Chen ZQ(陈智强);  Jia YF(贾翼菲);  Chen HQ(陈宏绮);  Wang PP(王盼盼);  Yan R(燕茹)
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Gut Microbiota  Β-glucuronidases  Cancer Risk  Chemotherapy  Gus Inhibitor  
Human gut bacterial β-glucuronidase inhibition: An emerging approach to manage medication therapy Journal article
Biochemical Pharmacology, 2021,Volume: 190
Authors:  Wang, Panpan;  Jia, Yifei;  Wu, Rongrong;  Chen, Zhiqiang;  Yan, Ru
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Β-glucuronidases  Gut Microbial Metabolism  Drug Toxicity  Gus Inhibitor  Gut Microbiota  
Structure-activity relationship of phenolic compounds against human gut bacterial β-glucuronidases Conference proceedings
Beijing, China
Authors:  Wang, Panpan;  Tang, Puipui;  Wei, Bin;  Zhang, Qingwen;  Yan, Ru
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Β-glucuronidases  Structure-activity Relationship  Flavonoids  Gus Inhibitor  Gut Microbiota  
Advances in Gut Microbial Drug Metabolism Journal article
药学进展 Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2020,Volume: 44,Issue: 2,Page: 83-99
Authors:  Yifei Jia;  Panpan Wang;  Yijia Chen;  Ru Yan
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Gut Microbiota  Drug Metabolism  Host Drug Disposition  Precision Medicine  Β-glucuronidases  
Amoxapine Demonstrates Incomplete Inhibition of β-Glucuronidase Activity from Human Gut Microbiota Journal article
SLAS Discovery, 2018,Volume: 23,Issue: 1,Page: 76-83
Authors:  Yang W.;  Wei B.;  Yan R.
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Amoxapine  Bacterial Isolates  Cpt-11–induced Toxicity  Human Gut Microbiota  Β-glucuronidase Inhibition  
β-Glucuronidase from Staphylococcus pasteuri 3I10: Activity, inhibition and expression Conference proceedings
Authors:  Yan R(燕茹)
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Β-glucuronidase  Staphylococcus Pasteuri  Gut Microbiota  Deglucuronidation  Gus Inhibitor  Gut Microbial Metabolism  
MSG: a potent and highly selective bacterial β-glucuronidase inhibitor Conference proceedings
Authors:  Wei, Bin;  Yang, Wei;  Yan, Ru
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Β-glucuronidases  Diels-alder Adduct  Selective Inhibition  Gut Microbiota  Gus Inhibitor  Mori Cortex