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Development of a Clinical Risk Score Prediction Tool for 5-, 9-, and 13-Year Risk of Dementia Journal article
JAMA network open, 2022,Volume: 5,Issue: 11
Authors:  Ren, Lina;  Liang, Junxian;  Wan, Feng;  Wang, Yongjun;  Dai, Xi Jian
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The dangers of subliminal AI manipulation Newspaper Article
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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A rapid staged protocol for efficient recovery of microplastics from soil and sediment matrices based on hydrophobic separation Journal article
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2022,Volume: 182
Authors:  Yuan, Mingzhe;  Zhang, Yuning;  Guo, Weihao;  Chen, Shan;  Qiu, Ye;  Zhang, Ping
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Effective Extraction  Fractional Separation  Hydrophobicity  Microplastic Extractor  Oil-in-nacl  Soil And Sediment Matrices  
Review of artificial intelligence-based bridge damage detection Journal article
Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 9
Authors:  Zhang, Yang;  Yuen, Ka Veng
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Artificial Intelligence  Bridge  Damage Detection  Machine Learning  Sensor Data  
Survival benefit of primary and metastatic tumor resection for colon cancer with liver metastases: A population based, propensity score-matched study Journal article
Frontiers in Surgery, 2022,Volume: 9
Authors:  Qiao, Yunfeng;  Qiao, Yunfeng;  Li, Huijun;  Fu, Jinge;  You, Shuping
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colon  liver  metastases  resection  SEER  
The Landslide Screening Criteria in Hong Kong Considering Rainfall Intensity and Topography Conference paper
Newcastle, Australia, 2022-12
Authors:  Gao L(高亮);  ZHANG Limin
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Controllable and Homogeneous Lithium Electrodeposition via Lithiophilic Anchor Points Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2022,Volume: 13,Issue: 25,Page: 5977-5985
Authors:  Wang, Litong;  Yu, Zhenjiang;  Zhong, Yunlei;  Wen, Zhaorui;  Tang, Yuxin;  Hong, Guo
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Gold Nanoclusters-Based NIR-II Photosensitizers with Catalase-like Activity for Boosted Photodynamic Therapyostics Journal article
Pharmaceutics, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 8,Page: 1645-1-1645-17
Authors:  Qing Dan;  Zhen Yuan;  Si Zheng;  Huanrong Ma;  Wanxian Luo;  Li Zhang;  Ning Su;  Dehong Hu;  Zonghai Sheng;  Yingjia Li
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Photodynamic Therapy  Nir-ii Fluorescence  Gold Nanoclusters  Hypoxia  Nanozyme  Cancer Theranostics  
Myricetin ameliorated prediabetes via immunomodulation and gut microbiota interaction Journal article
Food Frontiers, 2022
Authors:  Li Yang;  Yongchao Gao;  Jupeng Gong;  Hui Wang;  MohamedA. Farag;  JesusSimal-Gandara;  Yonghua Zhao;  Shaoping Nie;  Jianbo Xiao
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Fecal Microbiota Transplantation  Immunomodulatory  Intestinal Microbiota  Myricetin  Predia-betes  
Potentially toxic elements in weathered waste-rocks of Fushun western opencast mine: distribution, source identification, and contamination assessment Journal article
Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 2022,Volume: 44,Page: 1813–1826
Authors:  Li, Liang;  Zhang, Bo;  Jiang, Binhui;  Zhao, Yan;  Qian, Guangsheng;  Hu, Xiaomin
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Contamination Assessment  Ecological Risk  Fushun Western Opencast Mine  Source Identification  Weathered Waste-rocks