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Tracking and modelling water percolation process in modern intensive farming loess terraces Journal article
Catena, 2022,Volume: 210
Authors:  Peng, Dalei;  Xu, Qiang;  Zhang, Limin;  Xing, Huilin;  Shen, Ping;  Zhao, Kuanyao;  Zhang, Xianlin
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Finite Element Analysis  Irrigation Test  Loess  Unsaturated Soil  Water Percolation  
Design of pseudocapacitance and amorphization Co-enhanced Mn3O4/graphene sheets nanocomposites for high-performance lithium storage Journal article
Applied Surface Science, 2021,Volume: 563
Authors:  Li, Bo;  Huang, Xiaomin;  Li, Jianding;  Zhao, Huajun;  Yu, Xueqing;  Qin, Qinghao;  Xu, Jincheng;  Lei, Wen;  Feng, Dongyu;  Deng, Yonghong;  Zheng, Jinlong;  Chen, Yuncai;  Wang, Ning;  Shao, Huaiyu
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Amorphization  Coupling Effect  Graphene  Lithium Storage  Mn3o4  Pseudocapacitance  
Experimental study on the hysteresis behavior of L-shaped double-skin composite wall with concrete-filled steel tubes Journal article
Engineering Structures, 2021,Volume: 245
Authors:  Chen, Zongping;  Liang, Yuhan;  Liu, Xiang;  Cai, Jingming
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Concrete-filled Steel Tubes  Double-skin Composite Wall  Seismic Behavior  Special Shaped  
Chiral cation promoted interfacial charge extraction for efficient tin-based perovskite solar cells Journal article
Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2021,Volume: 68,Page: 789-796
Authors:  Gao, Weiyin;  Dong, He;  Sun, Nan;  Chao, Lingfeng;  Hui, Wei;  Wei, Qi;  Li, Hai;  Xia, Yingdong;  Gao, Xingyu;  Xing, Guichuan;  Wu, Zhongbin;  Song, Lin;  Müller-Buschbaum, Peter;  Ran, Chenxin;  Chen, Yonghua
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2d/3d Structure  Chiral Cation  Interfacial Charge Extraction  Solar Cells  Tin Perovskite  
CaCO3 coated nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) for the removal of chromium(VI) in aqueous solution Journal article
Separation and Purification Technology, 2021,Volume: 257
Authors:  Cheng, Yujun;  Dong, Haoran;  Hao, Tianwei
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Aging  Caco3  Chromium  Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron  Water Chemistry  
Non-linear link between temperature difference and COVID-19: Excluding the effect of population density Journal article
Journal of Infection in Developing Countries, 2021,Volume: 15,Issue: 2,Page: 230-236
Authors:  Ding, Yongmei;  Gao, Liyuan;  Shao, Ning Yi
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Coronavirus  Nonlinearity  Population Density  Temperature Difference  
Optoelectronic modulation of undoped NiOxfilms for inverted perovskite solar cells via intrinsic defect regulation Journal article
ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2020,Volume: 3,Issue: 10,Page: 9732-9741
Authors:  Feng, Menglei;  Wang, Ming;  Zhou, Hongpeng;  Li, Wei;  Xie, Xiuhua;  Wang, Shuangpeng;  Zang, Zhigang;  Chen, Shijian
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Hole Transport Layer  Niox  Oxygen Partial Pressure  Perovskite Solar Cell  Postannealing Treatment  
Neural Adaptive Event-Triggered Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Stochastic Systems with Unknown Hysteresis Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2019,Volume: 30,Issue: 11,Page: 3300-3312
Authors:  Wang,Jianhui;  Liu,Zhi;  Zhang,Yun;  Chen,C. L.Philip
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Actuator failure  adaptive control  event-triggered  neural networks (NNs)  stochastic nonlinear systems  unknown direction hysteresis  
Understanding the Impact of Cu-In-Ga-S Nanoparticles Compactness on Holes Transfer of Perovskite Solar Cells Journal article
Nanomaterials, 2019,Volume: 9,Issue: 2
Authors:  Dandan Zhao;  Yinghui Wu;  Bao Tu;  Guichuan Xing;  Haifeng Li;  Zhubing He
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Holes Transport Layer  Compactness  Hole Transfer  Recombination  Cu-in-ga-s  Perovskite Solar Cells  
Neural networks-based PID precision motion control of a piezo-actuated microinjector Conference paper
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)
Authors:  Yan, Yizheng;  Xu, Qingsong
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Hysteresis  Neural networks  PID control  Piezoelectric actuator  Precision motion control