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Metasurface-Assisted Indirect-Observation Cryptographic System Journal article
Laser and Photonics Reviews, 2023,Volume: 17,Issue: 1
Authors:  Li, Jiaxin;  Guan, Zhiqiang;  Liu, Hong Chao;  He, Zhixue;  Li, Zile;  Yu, Shaohua;  Zheng, Guoxing
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indirect-observation decryption  information multiplexing  metasurfaces  
Query-Efficient Adversarial Attack With Low Perturbation Against End-to-End Speech Recognition Systems Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 2023,Volume: 18,Page: 351-364
Authors:  Wang, Shen;  Zhang, Zhaoyang;  Zhu, Guopu;  Zhang, Xinpeng;  Zhou, Yicong;  Huang, Jiwu
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Adversarial example  automatic speech recognition  black-box attack  Monte Carlo tree search  
China’s New Legislation on Personal Information Protection in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic Journal article
Journal of International and Comparative Law, 2022,Volume: 9,Issue: 2
Authors:  Chao Wang;  Taixia Shen
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Global perspectives on European Union public diplomacy: an introduction Journal article
Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 2022,Volume: 0,Issue: 0,Page: 1-7
Authors:  Song WQ(宋衛清);  Fanoulis, Evangelos
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Public Diplomacy + Eu Foreign Policy + Eu Delegations + European Commission  
Teaching Chinese characters to first and second graders during the first covid-19 school closure in China: an observational study Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2022
Authors:  Zhou, Ziyu;  Graham, Steve;  Hsiang, Tien Ping
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Chinese Characters  Covid-19  Reading  Handwriting  Meaning  
Firm diversity and data breach risk: A longitudinal study Journal article
Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 2022,Volume: 31,Issue: 4
Authors:  Wang, Qian;  Ngai, Eric W.T.
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Data Breach Risk  Diversity Type  Firm Diversity  Information Security  Managerial Ability  Resource-based View  
Future Law, the Power of Prediction, and the Disappearance of Time Journal article
Law, Technology and Humans, 2022,Volume: 4,Issue: 2,Page: 38-59
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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Law  Science Fiction  Essentially Oxymoronic Concepts  Future Studies  Sel-fulfilling Prophecy  Serendipity  Legal Synaesthesia  
Sweeping-responsive interface using the intrinsic polarity of magnetized micropillars for self-powered and high-capacity human-machine interaction Journal article
Nano Energy, 2022,Volume: 102,Page: 107671
Authors:  Sen Ding;  Mingrui Wang;  Hao Yang;  Fengming Hu;  Ziyi Dai;  Ming Lei;  Qian Zhou;  Dazhe Zhao;  Yibo Gao;  Junwen Zhong;  Jianyi Luo;  Bingpu Zhou
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Human-machine Interaction  Sweeping Operation  Wearable Sensor  Self-powered  Magnetized Micropillar  Ternary System  
Agent politics of Chinese think tanks and cultural industry governance in China’s “new era” Journal article
Critical Asian Studies, 2022,Volume: 0,Issue: 0,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Tsai, Wen-Hsuan;  LI, Gan;  Song, Weiqing
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Authoritarian resilience+china+cultural industry+propaganda department+think Tanks  
Secure UAV-to-Ground MIMO Communications: Joint Transceiver and Location Optimization Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2022,Volume: 71,Issue: 11,Page: 11661-11676
Authors:  Zheng, Zhong;  Wang, Xinyao;  Fei, Zesong;  Wu, Qingqing;  Li, Bin;  Hanzo, Lajos
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alternating optimization  MIMO  physical layer security  random matrix theory  UAV