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Interrater Reliability Estimators Tested against True Interrater Reliabilities Journal article
BMC Medical Research Methodology, 2022
Authors:  Xinshu Zhao;  Guangchao Charles Feng;  Song Harris Ao;  Piper Liping Liu
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Intercoder Reliability  Interrater Reliability  Reconstructed Experiment  Cohen’s Kappa  Krippendorff’s Alpha  
城市品牌对选择螺旋首轮的影响:理论、数据与方法的对话 Journal article
国 际 新 闻 界, 2019,Volume: 41,Issue: 9,Page: 147-176
Authors:  趙心樹;  陆宏驰;  敖颂
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选择螺旋  城市传播  选择因素  首轮分析  议程协调  
Assumptions behind Intercoder Reliability Indices Journal article
Annals of the International Communication Association, 2013,Volume: 36,Issue: 1,Page: 419-480
Authors:  Xinshu Zhao;  Jun S. Liu;  Ke Deng
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A Reliability Index(ai) that Assumes Honest Coders and Variable Randomness Conference paper
Chicago, 2012-08
Authors:  Zhao XS(趙心樹)
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Reliability  Intercoder Reliability  Interrater Reliability  Agreement Index  Estimator  Estimate  Estimand  Maximum Randomness  Variable Randomness  Behavioral Monte-carlo Experiment  Bmc  Simulation-augmented Behavior Experiment  Sab  Kappa  Alpha  Pi