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Chinese Historical Portraits in International Law: Qiu Shaoheng (aka. Henry Chiu, 1913-2009) Book chapter
出自: All under Heaven: Histories of International Law in China:Oxford University Press, 2023
Authors:  Chao Wang
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International Considerations in the Chinese Constitution: from Selective Adaptation to Normative Consensus Book chapter
出自: The Cambridge Handbook of China and International Law:Cambridge University Press, 2023
Authors:  Chao Wang;  Xin Xiang
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The Law of Immunity and the Prosecution of the Head of State of the Russian Federation for International Crimes in the War against Ukraine Other
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Broken windows in tourism: The effect of occupational stigma perception of tour guides on interpersonal deviance toward tourists Journal article
International Journal of Tourism Research, 2023,Volume: 25,Issue: 1,Page: 137-149
Authors:  Xu, Shaogui;  Zuo, Yifan;  Chen, Sirong;  Law, Rob;  Zhang, Mu
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interpersonal deviance  job embeddedness  job tenure  occupational stigma perception  tour guides  
Law, Artificial Intelligence, and Synaesthesia Journal article
AI & Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication, 2022
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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Law  Artificial Intelligence  Law & Senses  Law & Technology  Legal Synaesthesia  Synaesthesia  
Long live Joint Criminal Enterprise, With a particular reference to Tadić’s interactive construction between ‘the beast, and specific direction Journal article
San Diego Journal of International law, 2022
Authors:  Miguel Lemos
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The appeals chamber’s jurisdictional judgment in Abd-Al-Rahman and the issue of applicable law at the International Criminal Court Journal article
Chinese Journal of International Law (already recommended for publication by the reviewers of this journal, but still undergoing minor revisions process, and therefore, not yet final decision), 2022
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China’s New Legislation on Personal Information Protection in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic Journal article
Journal of International and Comparative Law, 2022,Volume: 9,Issue: 2
Authors:  Chao Wang;  Taixia Shen
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The beauty premium of tour guides in the customer decision-making process: An AI-based big data analysis Journal article
Tourism Management, 2022,Volume: 93,Page: 104575
Authors:  Yang, Fiona X;  Li, Ying;  Li, Xiaotong;  Yuan, Jia
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Beauty Premium  Tour Guide  Facial Recognition  Artificial Intelligence  Deep Learning  Big Data  
Global perspectives on European Union public diplomacy: an introduction Journal article
Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 2022,Volume: 0,Issue: 0,Page: 1-7
Authors:  Song WQ(宋衛清);  Fanoulis, Evangelos
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Public Diplomacy + Eu Foreign Policy + Eu Delegations + European Commission