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Differences in MBUs induced by high-energy and medium-energy heavy ions in 28 nm FPGAs Journal article
Nuclear Science and Techniques, 2022,Volume: 33,Issue: 9
Authors:  Gao, Shuai;  Yang, Jin Hu;  Ye, Bing;  Cai, Chang;  He, Ze;  Liu, Jie;  Liu, Tian Qi;  Yan, Xiao Yu;  Sun, You Mei;  Xiao, Guo Qing
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Fpga  High-energy Heavy-ion Radiation  Ionization Track  Mbu  
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics for Vertical Downflow using Traditional and 3D-printed Mini tubes Conference paper
Xi an, China, 2022.07.27-2022.07.31
Authors:  J.H. Chen;  L.M. Tam;  A.J. Ghajar
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Heat Transfer  Pressure Drop  3d Printed Mini Tube