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The role of irisin in metabolic flexibility: Beyond adipose tissue browning Journal article
Drug Discovery Today, 2022
Authors:  Shen, Shengnan;  Liao, Qiwen;  Chen, Xiuping;  Peng, Cheng;  Lin, Ligen
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Fndc5  Insulin Sensitivity  Irisin  Metabolic Flexibility  Obesity  Skeletal Muscle  
¬¬Myricanol modulates skeletal muscle-adipose crosstalk to alleviate high fat diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance Conference paper
Abstract of XIII International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Compounds
Authors:  Shen, S.;  Liao, Q.;  Pan, R.;  Lin, L.
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myricanol  myotubes  irisin  mitochondira  browning  
Myricanol modulates skeletal muscle-adipose tissue crosstalk to alleviate high-fat diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance Journal article
BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, 2019,Volume: 176,Issue: 20,Page: 3983-4001
Authors:  Shen, SN;  Liao, QW;  Zhang, T;  Pan, RL;  Lin, LG
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Myricanol modulates skeletal muscle–adipose tissue crosstalk to alleviate high‐fat diet‐induced obesity and insulin resistance Journal article
British Journal of Pharmacology, 2019,Page: 3983-4001
Authors:  Shen, S.;  Liao, Q.;  Zhang, T.;  Pan, R.;  Lin, L.
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myricanol  myotubes  irisin  mitochondira  browning