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ShapeArchit: Shape-Inspired Architecture Design with Space Planning Journal article
CAD Computer Aided Design, 2022,Volume: 142
Authors:  Xiong, Weidan;  Zhang, Pengbo;  Sander, Pedro V.;  Joneja, Ajay
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Architecture Design  Computer-aided Design  Metaheuristics  
Hybrid scatter and ant search feature subset selection: Applications in classification problems Conference paper
2021 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Data Science Technologies and Applications, IDSTA 2021
Authors:  Tallon-Ballesteros, Antonio J.;  Correia, Luis;  Fong, Simon
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ant search  feature subset selection  machine learning  metaheuristic  scatter search  
Teng-Yue algorithm: A novel metaheuristic search method for fast cancer classification Conference paper
GECCO '20: Proceedings of the 2020 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion, Cancún Mexico, 8 July, 2020- 12 July, 2020
Authors:  Tengyue Li;  Simon Fong;  Antonio J. Tallón-Ballesteros
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Novel Metaheuristics  Feature Engineering  Medical Data Classification  Accuracy  Interpretability  Search Algorithm  
A clustering based variable sub-window approach using particle swarm optimisation for biomedical sensor data monitoring Journal article
Enterprise Information Systems, 2019,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 15-35
Authors:  Kun Lan;  Simon Fong;  Lian-Sheng Liu;  Raymond K. Wong;  Nilanjan Dey;  Richard C. Millham;  Kelvin K.L. Wong
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Data Stream Mining  Biomedical Healthcare  Sensor  Pre-processing  Metaheuristics  Adaptive Windowing  
A novel algorithm for neural network architecture generation, parameter optimization and feature selection - ParFeatArch generator Conference paper
ISMSI '18: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Metaheuristics & Swarm Intelligence, Phuket Thailand, 24 March, 2018- 25 March, 2018
Authors:  Ricardo Brito;  Simon Fong;  Yaoyang WU;  Suash Deb
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Particle Swarm Optimization (Pso)  Neural Networks  Feature Selection  Generative Algorithms  
Swarm search methods in weka for data mining Conference paper
ICMLC 2018: Proceedings of the 2018 10th International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, Macau China, 26 February, 2018- 28 February, 2018
Authors:  Simon Fong;  Robert P. Biuk-Aghai;  Richard C. Millham
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Data Mining  Search Methods  Feature Selection  Metaheuristics  
Swarm intelligence: past, present and future Journal article
Soft Computing, 2017,Volume: 22,Issue: 18,Page: 5923-5933
Authors:  Xin-She Yang;  Suash Deb;  Yu-Xin Zhao;  Simon Fong;  Xingshi He
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Swarm Intelligence  Nature-inspired Algorithms  Optimization  Self-organization  Bioinspired Computing  Metaheuristics  
From Swarm Intelligence to Metaheuristics: Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms Journal article
Computer, 2016,Volume: 49,Issue: 9,Page: 52-59
Authors:  Xin-She Yang;  Suash Deb;  Simon Fong;  Xingshi He;  Yu-Xin Zhao
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Improving metaheuristics by natural selection Conference paper
Proceedings - 2016 5th IIAI International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics, IIAI-AAI 2016, Kumamoto, Japan, 10-14 July 2016
Authors:  Rui Tang;  Qun Song;  Simon Fong;  Raymond Wong
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Metaheuristic Algorithms  Wsa  Optimization  
Nature-Inspired Computing and Metaheuristics Algorithms for Optimizing Data Mining Performance Project
项目编号: MYRG2016-00069-FST, 2016-
Authors:  CCFONG
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