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Robust optimised design of 3D printed elastic metastructures: A trade-off between complexity and vibration attenuation Journal article
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2022,Volume: 529
Authors:  Cantero-Chinchilla, Sergio;  Fabro, Adriano T.;  Meng, Han;  Yan, Wang Ji;  Papadimitriou, Costas;  Chronopoulos, Dimitrios
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Metamaterials  Robust Optimisation  Uncertainty  Wave Propagation  
Dual-Functional Terahertz Waveplate Based on All-Dielectric Metamaterial Journal article
Physical Review Applied, 2020,Page: 034042-1-034042-8
Authors:  Zi, J.;  Li, Y.;  Feng, X.;  Xu, Q.;  Liu, H.;  Zhang, X.X.;  Han, J.;  Zhang, W.
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metamaterials  teraherts devices  
Curved terahertz surface plasmonic waveguide devices Journal article
Optics Express, 2020,Page: 1987-1998
Authors:  Yuan, M.;  Lu, Y.;  Zhang, Y.;  Zhang, Z.;  Li, Y.;  Liu, H.;  Zhang, X.;  Han, J.;  Zhang, W.
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metamaterials  waveguide  teraherts devices  
Smart NIR linear and nonlinear optical nanomaterials for cancer theranostics: Prospects in photomedicine Journal article
PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE, 2017,Volume: 88,Page: 89-135
Authors:  Liu, Tzu-Ming;  Conde, Joao;  Lipinski, Tomasz;  Bednarkiewicz, Artur;  Huang, Chih-Chia
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Nir Nanoparticles  Up-conversion  Multiphoton  Photo-therapy  Imaging  Cancer Theranostics  
Numerical SOC/SOL calibration technique for de-embedding of periodic guided-wave structures Conference paper
Call for Papers - ICCEM 2016: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics, Guangzhou, China, 23-25 Feb. 2016
Authors:  Lei Zhu;  Qiong-Sen Wu;  Sai-Wai Wong
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Effective 1-D material properties of coplanar-waveguide-based EBG- and meta-materials Conference paper
Proceedings of 2008 International Workshop on Metamaterials, Nanjing, China, 09-12 November 2008
Authors:  Zhu, L.
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Effective complex permittivity and permeability of composite planar left-handed transmission line metamaterials on CPW Journal article
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 2006,Volume: 48,Issue: 6,Page: 1050-1052
Authors:  Gao, J.;  Zhu, L.
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Metamaterial  Coplanar Waveguide  Left-handed Material  Periodic Structure  
A novel waveguide based metamaterials Conference paper
Proceedings of 2004 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation
Authors:  Singh, K.R.;  Zhu, L.
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