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Future Law, the Power of Prediction, and the Disappearance of Time Journal article
Law, Technology and Humans, 2022,Volume: 4,Issue: 2,Page: 38-59
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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Law  Science Fiction  Essentially Oxymoronic Concepts  Future Studies  Sel-fulfilling Prophecy  Serendipity  Legal Synaesthesia  
English textbook selection in Taiwan: Voices of two book sales representatives Journal article
Education Research International, 2022,Volume: 2022,Page: 1-6
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Xuan Van Ha;  Melissa H. Yu
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Atmospheric Visions: Mirages, methane seeps and ‘clam-monsters’ in the Yellow Sea Journal article
Shima, 2022,Volume: 16,Issue: 1,Page: 1-22
Authors:  Hodges, B. K.
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Atmospheres  Mirage  Chinese Folklore  Shen  Ecology  Deep-sea  
Mirages, methane seeps and ‘clam:monsters’ in the Yellow Sea Journal article
Shima, 2022,Volume: 16,Issue: 1,Page: 115-136
Authors:  Hodges, Benjamin Kidder
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Atmospheres  Chinese folklore  Deep-sea  Ecology  Mirage  Shen  
Robots and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portuguese Criminal Law Journal article
E.Tec Yearbook - Artificial Intelligence & Robots, 2020,Page: 39-51
Authors:  Iong, Man Teng
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Artificial Intelligence  Robot Doctors  Traditional Chinese Medicine  Portuguese Criminal Law  
Looking at the Sea through a Window: Land reclamation and installation art in Macao, China Journal article
Shima, 2020,Page: 266-274
Authors:  Hodges, B. K.
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Land Reclamation  Installation  Sound Art  Macao  China  
Batman Rides Again! The impact of a superhero branded attraction on visitation to a casino resort hotel in Macao Journal article
Event Management, 2020,Volume: 24,Issue: 4,Page: 515-526
Authors:  GLENN JAMES MCCARTNEY;  Karen S. M. Cheong
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Superhero  Themed Attraction  Chinese Visitation  Casino Marketing  Integrated Resort  
Good leadership: A mirage in the desert? Journal article
Human Resource Development International, 2016,Volume: 19,Issue: 5,Page: 349-357
Authors:  Anders Örtenblad;  Jacky Hong;  Robin Snell
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Table games or slots? Competition, evolution, and game preference in Macao’s casino market Journal article
Authors:  Ricardo Chi Sen Siu;  William R. Eadington
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Macao  Casino Gaming  Table Games  Slot Machines  
Slot or Table? A Chinese Perspective Journal article
UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal, 2005,Volume: 9,Issue: 2,Page: 69-72
Authors:  Desmond Lam
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