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Cost-Sensitive Broad Learning System for Imbalanced Classification and Its Medical Application Journal article
Mathematics, 2022,Volume: 10,Issue: 5
Authors:  Yao, Liang;  Wong, Pak Kin;  Zhao, Baoliang;  Wang, Ziwen;  Lei, Long;  Wang, Xiaozheng;  Hu, Ying
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Broad Learning System  Cost-sensitive Learning  Imbalanced Data  Medical Diagnosis  Ultrasound Breast Cancer Diagnosis  
A Role of Socioeconomic Status in Cognitive Impairment Among Older Adults in Macau: A Decomposition Approach Journal article
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 2022,Volume: 14,Page: 804307
Authors:  Zhang, Zhuo;  Zhao, Yonghua;  Bian, Ying
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Cognitive Impairment  Concentration Index  Inequality  Macau Elderly  Socioeconomic Status  
Throughput Maximization for IRS-Aided MIMO FD-WPCN with Non-Linear EH Model Journal article
IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2022
Authors:  Hua, Meng;  Wu, Qingqing
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Array signal processing  full-duplex  Intelligent reflecting surface  MIMO  MIMO communication  passive beamforming  Radio frequency  resource allocation  Resource management  Signal processing algorithms  Throughput  Wireless communication  WPCN  
A Unified Framework of Non-Orthogonal Pilot Design for Multi-Cell Massive MIMO Systems Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2020,Volume: 68,Issue: 12,Page: 7623-7633
Authors:  Wu,Yue;  Ma,Shaodan;  Gu,Yuantao
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Linearized Admm  Massive Mimo  Non-orthogonal Pilot Design  Pilot Contamination  
Does exercise have a protective effect on cognitive function under hypoxia? A systematic review with meta-analysis Journal article
Journal of Sport and Health Science, 2020
Authors:  Jung,Myungjin;  Zou,Liye;  Yu,Jane Jie;  Ryu,Seungho;  Kong,Zhaowei;  Yang,Lin;  Kang,Minsoo;  Lin,Jingyuan;  Li,Hong;  Smith,Lee;  Loprinzi,Paul D.
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Cognition  Executive Function  Exercise  Hypoxia  Memory  
Robust Localization for Mixed LOS/NLOS Environments with Anchor Uncertainties Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2020,Volume: 68,Issue: 7,Page: 4507-4521
Authors:  Li,Yunfei;  Ma,Shaodan;  Yang,Guanghua;  Wong,Kai Kit
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Anchor Node Uncertainties  Asymptotic Minimum Mean Square Error (Mmse)  Bayesian Cramer-rao Bound (Bcrb)  Mixed Los/nlos Measurements  Variational Bayesian Localization (Vbl)  
Distributed Non-Orthogonal Pilot Design for Multi-Cell Massive Mimo Systems Conference paper
ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, Barcelona, Spain, 4-8 May 2020
Authors:  Yue Wu;  Shaodan Ma;  Yuantao Gu
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Massive Mimo  Pilot Contamination  Nonorthogonal Pilot Design  Svrg Projection  
Abnormal dynamic functional connectivity and brain states in Alzheimer’s diseases: functional near-infrared spectroscopy study Journal article
Neurophotonics, 2019,Volume: 6,Issue: 2,Page: 025010
Authors:  Haijing Niu;  Zhaojun Zhu;  Mengjing Wan;  Xuanyu Li;  Zhen Yuan;  Yu Sun;  Ying Han
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CommunicAtion WithIn The BraIn Is Highly Dynamic. AlzheI.e.’s dIseAse (Ad) ExhibIts Dynamic.Progression COrrespondIng To a DeclIne In MemOry And Cognition. HoWever, Little Is Known Of wheTher BraIn Dynamic. Are dIsrupted In Ad And Its Prodromal Stage, Mild CognitI.e.Impairment (Mci). FOr Our Study, We AcquI.e. High samplIng RAte Functional near-InfrAred Spectroscopy imagIng DAta At Rest From The EntI.e.COrtex Of 23 pAtients With Ad Dementia, 25 pAtients With Amnestic Mild CognitI.e.Impairment (aMci), And 30 age-mAtched Healthy Controls (Hcs). slidIng-wIndow cOrrelAtion And K-means clusterIng Analyses Were Used To Construct Dynamic.Functional Connectivity (Fc) Maps FOr Each Participant. We dIscovered thAt The BraIn’s Dynamic.Fc Variability Strength (q) Significantly IncreAsed In Both aMci And Ad Group As compAred To Hcs. usIng The q Value As a meAsurement, The clAssificAtion perFOrmance ExhibI.e. a Good poWer In differentiAtIng aMci [Area Under The Curve (Auc ¼ 82.5%)] Or Ad (Auc ¼ 86.4%) From Hcs. furThermOre, We Identified Two abnOrmal BraIn Fc stAtes In The Ad Group, Of Which The Occurrence Frequency (f) ExhibI.e. a Significant decreAse FOr The First-level Fc stAte (stAte 1) And a Significant IncreAse FOr The Second-level Fc stAte (stAte 2). We Also Found thAt The abnOrmal f In These Two stAtes Significantly cOrrelAted With The CognitI.e.Impairment In pAtients. These fIndIngs ProvI.e.The First EvI.e.ce To demonstRAte The dIsruptions Of Dynamic.BraIn Connectivity In aMci And Ad And Extend The trAditional stAtic (I.e., tI.e.averaged) Fc fIndIngs In The dIseAse (I.e., dIsconnection Syndrome) And Thus ProvI.e.Insights InTo UnderstAndIng The pAthophysiological mechanIsms occurrIng In aMci And Ad.  
The effects of tai chi on markers of atherosclerosis, lower-limb physical function, and cognitive ability in adults aged over 60: A randomized controlled trial Journal article
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2019,Volume: 16,Issue: 5
Authors:  Zhou,Shengwen;  Zhang,Yanjie;  Kong,Zhaowei;  Loprinzi,Paul D.;  Hu,Yang;  Ye,Jiajie;  Liu,Shijie;  Yu,Jane Jie;  Zou,Liye
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Aging  Arterial Stiffness  Balance  Cognition  Mind-body Exercise  Tai Chi  
A comprehensive comparison and overview of R packages for calculating sample entropy Journal article
Biology Methods and Protocols, 2019,Volume: 4,Issue: 1
Authors:  Chen C.;  Sun S.;  Cao Z.;  Shi Y.;  Sun B.;  Zhang X.D.
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Comparison  Nonlinear Dynamics  r Package  Sample Entropy  Time Series