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Multifaceted role of phyto-derived polyphenols in nanodrug delivery systems Journal article
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2021,Volume: 176,Page: 113870
Authors:  Chen, Zhejie;  Farag, Mohamed A.;  Zhong, Zhangfeng;  Zhang, Chen;  Yang, Yu;  Wang, Shengpeng;  Wang, Yitao
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Coordination Bonded  Hydrogen Bonded  Metal-phenolic Networks  Nanodrug Delivery  Polyphenols  Supramolecular Design  
NIR-II Dual-Modal Optical Coherence Tomography and Photoacoustic Imaging-Guided Dose-Control Cancer Chemotherapy Journal article
ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 2020,Volume: 2,Issue: 5,Page: 1964-1973
Authors:  Liu, Yubin;  Xu, Mengze;  Dai, Yunlu;  Zhao, Qi;  Zhu, Lipeng;  Guan, Xiaowen;  Li, Gang;  Yang, Sihua;  Yuan, Zhen
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Optical Coherence Tomography  Photoacoustic Imaging  The Second Near-infrared Window (Nir-ii)  Tumor Microenvironment  Polymeric Micelles  Chemotherapy