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First-Person Influences on Third-Person Perceptions Conference paper
Online, 17 April 2022
Authors:  Xinshu ZHAO;  Xudong LIU;  Yue Selene CHEN;  Wen Aquamarine JIAO;  Song Harris AO;  Fuyuan SHEN;  Zhilong George ZHAO
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One country two systems: a comparative study of national identity between Hong Kong and Macau Journal article
Chinese Sociological Review, 2022,Volume: 54,Issue: 2,Page: 107-130
Authors:  Cai, Tianji;  Tang, Ruoyang;  Wang, Hongyu;  Li, Spencer De
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Cultural Heritage Divided by (International) Law: The Case of North Macedonia Journal article
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, 2021,Volume: 34,Issue: 3,Page: 839-859
Authors:  Svetlicinii, Alexandr
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Bulgaria  Cultural Heritage  Greece  National Identity  North Macedonia  
Constructing a hero-victim identity through reminiscing: A phenomenological study on rural Chinese elders Journal article
Ageing and Society, 2021,Volume: 41,Issue: 6,Page: 1328-1348
Authors:  Liu, Yanping;  Van Schalkwyk, Gertina J.
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Hardships  Hero-victim Identity  Reminiscing  Rural Chinese Elders  
COVID-19 and African Postage Stamps Journal article
ENGLISH STUDIES IN AFRICA, 2021,Volume: 64,Issue: 1-2,Page: 168-179
Authors:  Shaw, Damian
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Africa  Covid-19  Postage Stamps  Representation  Nation States  Philately  National Identity  
A multimodal approach to attitudes towards Tibet in Chinese language textbooks Journal article
Asian Ethnicity, 2021
Authors:  Zhang, Qi;  Cuo, Ya
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Attitude  Chinese language  multimodal  Tibet  
Childhood Home Language Effects on Teacher Risk-Taking and Student-Centered Professional Practice in a Bilingual Chinese Context Journal article
Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 2021
Authors:  Lee, Daphnee Hui Lin;  King, Ronnel Bornasal
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Childhood home language  Chinese language and English language  Risk-taking  Student-centered practice  Teacher  
Unified or divided “we-hood”: discursive constructions of heterogeneous national identities under the one country, two systems model Journal article
Chinese Journal of Communication, 2021,Volume: 14,Issue: 3,Page: 329-345
Authors:  Ou, Chuyue;  Sandel, Todd L.
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discourse  heterogeneous identity  Macao SAR  national identity  we-hood  
Enduring fears: the monstrosity of Chinese Filipinos in Chito Roño’s Feng Shui (2004) Journal article
Asian Ethnicity, 2021
Authors:  Velasco, Joseph Ching;  De Chavez, Jeremy
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Chinese Filipino  ethnic Chinese  haunting  Philippine nationalism  Southeast Asia  
Disparities in Subjective Wellbeing: Political Status, Urban-Rural Divide, and Cohort Dynamics in China Journal article
Chinese Sociological Review, 2020,Volume: 52,Issue: 1,Page: 56-83
Authors:  Tony Huiquan Zhang 张汇泉;  Hu, Jing;  Zhang, Xichao
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