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Single-atom sites on perovskite chips for record-high sensitivity and quantification in SERS 钙钛矿上单原子位点实现高灵敏定量化表面拉曼增强 Journal article
Science China Materials, 2022,Volume: 65,Issue: 6,Page: 1601-1614
Authors:  Feng, Ran;  Miao, Qing;  Zhang, Xiang;  Cui, Peixin;  Wang, Cong;  Feng, Yibo;  Gan, Liyong;  Fu, Jiaxing;  Wang, Shibo;  Dai, Ziyi;  Hu, Liming;  Luo, Yunjing;  Sun, Weihai;  Zhang, Xiaoxian;  Xiao, Jiawen;  Wu, Jinbo;  Zhou, Bingpu;  Zou, Mingqiang;  He, Dawei;  Zhou, Xiaoyuan;  Han, Xiaodong
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Charge-transfer Mechanism  In-vitro Diagnosis  Lead Halide Perovskite  Point-of-care Testing  Sers  Single-atom Site  
Intelligent Nondestructive Testing Technologies for Composite Structures based on Hierarchical Bayesian Learning Scheme and Advanced Modelling of Ultrasonic Wave Interaction with Nonlinear Damage Project
项目编号: MYRG2020-00073-IOTSC, 2022-
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Embedded resistivity sensor for compressive strength prediction of cement paste by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy Journal article
IEEE Sensors Letters, 2021,Volume: 5,Issue: 9
Authors:  Chi, Lin;  Xiaohong, Zhang;  Guoxing, Sun
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Compressive Strength Predicted Sensor  Construction Building Materials  Nondestructive Testing (Ndt)  Sensor Applications  
A 0.2-terahertz ceramic relic detection system based on iterative threshold filtering imaging and neural network Journal article
Electronics (Switzerland), 2021,Volume: 10,Issue: 18
Authors:  Mao, Yiqing;  Wu, Tianxiang;  Chen, Yong;  Ma, Shunli
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Ceramic Relic Detection System  Heritage Conservation  Iterative Threshold Filtering  Neural Network  Nondestructive Testing  Terahertz Wave Imaging  
Development and application of a novel low-cost capacitive sensor for accurate rebar position detection Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2020,Volume: 257
Authors:  Cheng,Yu;  Diao,Su;  Hanif,Asad;  Parthasarathy,Pavithra;  Li,Zongjin
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Capacitive Sensor  Concrete  Health Monitoring  Nondestructive Testing  Rebar Position Determination  
An improved feature extraction algorithm for automatic defect identification based on eddy current pulsed thermography Journal article
Authors:  Zhu, Peipei;  Yin, Chun;  Cheng, Yuhua;  Huang, Xuegang;  Cao, Jiuwen;  Vong, Chi-Man;  Wong, Pak Kin
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Eddy Current Pulsed Thermography  Nondestructive Testing And Evaluation  Transient Thermal Response  Pearson Correlation Coefficient  
An improved feature extraction algorithm for automatic defect identification based on eddy current pulsed thermography Journal article
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (SCI-E), 2018,Page: 5-21
Authors:  Zhu, P.;  Yin, C.;  Cheng, Y.;  Huang, X.;  Cao, J.;  Vong, C. M.;  Wong, P. K.
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Eddy current pulsed thermography  Nondestructive testing and evaluation  Transient thermal response  Pearson correlation coefficient  
Simulation of a novel capacitive sensor for rebar corrosion detection Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2018,Volume: 174,Page: 613-624
Authors:  Cheng Y.;  Hanif A.;  Chen E.;  Ma G.;  Li Z.
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Capacitive Sensor  Concrete  Health Monitoring  Nondestructive Testing  Rebar Corrosion Testing  
Development of a capacitive sensor for concrete structure health monitoring Journal article
Authors:  Cheng, Yu;  Gao, Feng;  Hanif, Asad;  Lu, Zeyu;  Li, Zongjin
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Capacitive Sensor  Nondestructive Testing  Concrete  Rebar  Health Monitoring  
Use of a.c. magnetic susceptibility for temperature measurement and discrimination between spinodal decomposition and sigma phase formation Journal article
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 2011,Volume: 30,Issue: 1,Page: 41-46
Authors:  Lo K.H.
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Duplex Stainless Steel  Magnetic Susceptibility  Sigma Phase  Spinodal Decomposition