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A Spacer Cation Assisted Nucleation and Growth Strategy Enables Efficient and High-Luminance Quasi-2D Perovskite LEDs Journal article
Advanced Functional Materials, 2023,Volume: 33,Issue: 2
Authors:  Kong, Lingmei;  Luo, Yaning;  Turyanska, Lyudmila;  Zhang, Ting;  Zhang, Zhipeng;  Xing, Guichuan;  Yang, Yingguo;  Zhang, Chengxi;  Yang, Xuyong
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guanidinium  high luminance  hydrogen bonding  light-emitting diodes  quasi-2D perovskites  
Topological defect and sp3/sp2 carbon interface derived from ZIF-8 with linker vacancies for oxygen reduction reaction Journal article
Carbon, 2023,Volume: 203,Page: 76-87
Authors:  GAO, H.X.;  Wang, S.;  Cheong, W.C.;  Wang, K.X.;  Xu, H.F.;  Huang, A.J.;  Ma, J.G.;  Li, J.Z.;  Ip, W.F.;  Hui, K.S.;  Dinh, D.A.;  Fan, X.;  Bin, F.;  Chen, Fuming;  Xu GN(許冠南)
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Metal-free Carbon-based Materials Metal–organic Framework Defect Chemistry Metal–air Battery  
A Brand-New Hybrid Structure with Advantageous Electron State for Ultrahigh Energy Density Asymmetric Supercapacitors Journal article
ACS Energy Letters, 2022,Volume: 7,Issue: 12,Page: 4204-4214
Authors:  Lu, Qingjie;  Li, Dequan;  Zi, Baoye;  Lu, Qiang;  Chen, Mingpeng;  Zhang, Jin;  Zhu, Zhongqi;  Liu, Qingju
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Recent advances in wearable electromechanical sensors—Moving towards machine learning-assisted wearable sensing systems Journal article
Nano Energy, 2022,Volume: 105,Page: 108041
Authors:  Nian Dai;  Iek Man Lei;  Zhaoyang Li;  Yi Li;  Peng Fang;  Junwen Zhong
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Surface passivation of perovskite with organic hole transport materials for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells Journal article
Materials Today Advances, 2022,Volume: 16
Authors:  Fu, Yajie;  Li, Yang;  Xing, Guichuan;  Cao, Derong
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Defect Passivation  Functional Groups  Hole Transport Materials  Perovskite Solar Cells  
Long-Lived Second Near-Infrared Luminescent Probes: An Emerging Role in Time-Resolved Luminescence Bioimaging and Biosensing Journal article
Small Structures, 2022,Page: 2200131
Authors:  Zhang QW(張慶文)
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Bioimaging, Biosensing  Probes  Second Near-infrared Regions  Time-resolved Luminescence  
Enhanced removal of triclosan from contaminated water by indigenous isolate Burkholderia sp. L303 Conference paper
Zhuhai, November 19-21, 2022
Authors:  Shim, Hojae
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Degradation of dibutyl phthalate and diethyl phthalate by indigenous isolate Bacillus sp. MY156 Conference paper
Zhuhai, November 19-21, 2022
Authors:  HOJAE SHIM
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Effects of sodium and magnesium supplement on lipid production and wastewater treatment by Rhodosporidium toruloides Journal article
Renewable Energy, 2022,Volume: 199,Page: 919-928
Authors:  HOJAE SHIM
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Biolipid Production  Red Yeasts  Trace Elements  Wastewater Treatment  
Nanocellulose Paper for Flexible Electronic Substrate Book chapter
出自: Emerging Nanotechnologies in Nanocellulose, Cham:Springer International Publishing, 2022, 页码: 211–235
Authors:  Zhaoyang Li;  Jun Zhou;  Junwen Zhong
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