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The Hankel determinants from a Singularly Pertubed Jacobi weight Journal article
Mathematics, 2021,Page: 1-17
Authors:  Han, P.;  Chen, Y.
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Hankel Determinants  Jacobi weight  random Matrix theory.  
Painlevé IV, sigma-form, and the deformed Hermite unitary ensembles Journal article
Journal of Mathematical Physics, 2021,Page: 1-18
Authors:  Chen, Y.;  Zhu, M.;  Wang, D.;  Chen, Y.;  Zhu, M.;  Wang, D.
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Painleve  Hermite  Unitary  Ensembles  
Gaussian Unitary Ensembles with two jump discontinuities, PDES, and the coupled Painleve II and IV systems Journal article
Studies in Applied Mathematics, 2020,Page: 1-21
Authors:  Lyu, S.;  Chen, Y.
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Painleve  Gaussian  Unitary Ensembles  
Gap probabilities in the Laguerre unitary ensemble and discrete Painlevé equations Journal article
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2020,Volume: 53,Issue: 35
Authors:  Hu,Jie;  Dzhamay,Anton;  Chen,Yang
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Birational Transformations  Difference Equations  Orthogonal Polynomials  Painleve Equations  
Gap Probabilities in the Laguerre Unitary ensembles and discrete Painleve equations Journal article
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2020,Page: 354003-354021
Authors:  Hu, J.;  Dhazmay, A.;  Chen, Y.
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Gap  Probabilities  Laguerre  Unitary  Ensembles  Painleve  
Painleve V, Painleve XXXIV and the Degenrate Laguerre Unitary Ensembles Journal article
Random Matrices: Theory and Applications, 2020,Page: 2050016-2050038
Authors:  Min, C.;  Chen, Y.
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Painleve equations  Laguerre Unitary Ensembles  
Nonlinear difference equations for a modified laguerre weight: Laguerre-freud equations and asymptotics Journal article
Jaen Journal on Approximation, 2019,Volume: 11,Issue: 1-2,Page: 47-65
Authors:  Chen,Yang;  Filipuk,Galina;  das Neves Rebocho,Maria
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Asymptotic expansions  Backlund transformations  Difference equations  Orthogonal polynomials  Painleveequations  
Critical Edge behaviour in the perturbed Laguerre unitary ensembles and the Painleve V transcendent Journal article
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2019,Page: 572-611
Authors:  Chen, M. ;  Chen, Y.;  Fan, E.
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Unitary Ensembles  Painleve transcendent  
Painlevé transcendents and the Hankel determinants generated by a discontinuous Gaussian weight Journal article
MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN THE APPLIED SCIENCES, 2019,Volume: 42,Issue: 1,Page: 301-321
Authors:  Min, Chao;  Chen, Yang
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Asymptotics  Hankel Determinants  Ladder Operators  Orthogonal Polynomials  Painleve Transcendents  Random Matrices  
Random Matrices, Potential Theory, Painleve Equations Project
项目编号: MYRG2018-00125-FST, 2019-
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