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Bioactive platycodins from Platycodonis Radix: Phytochemistry, pharmacological activities, toxicology and pharmacokinetics Journal article
Food Chemistry, 2020,Volume: 327
Authors:  Zhang,Le Le;  Huang,Mu Yang;  Yang,Yong;  Huang,Ming Qing;  Shi,Jia Jie;  Zou,Liang;  Lu,Jin Jian
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Pharmacokinetics  Pharmacological Activities  Phytochemistry  Platycodins  Platycodonis Radix  Toxicology  
Reflections on treatment of COVID-19 with traditional Chinese medicine Journal article
Chinese Medicine, 2020,Volume: 15,Issue: 1
Authors:  Luo,Hua;  Gao,Yan;  Zou,Jian;  Zhang,Siyuan;  Chen,Hanbin;  Liu,Qiao;  Tan,Dechao;  Han,Yan;  Zhao,Yonghua;  Wang,Shengpeng
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Coronavirus  Covid-19  Prescriptions  Traditional Chinese Medicine  
The progress of pharmacological activities for Platycodonis Radix Presentation
会议地点: 2019 National Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of TCM Resources & Research and Application of TCM, Lanzhou, 报告日期: 2019-11-30
Authors:  Lu, J.
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UPLC/Q-TOFMS-Based Metabolomics Approach to Reveal the Protective Role of Other Herbs in An-Gong-Niu-Huang Wan Against the Hepatorenal Toxicity of Cinnabar and Realgar Journal article
Authors:  Xia, Fangbo;  Li, Ao;  Chai, Yushuang;  Xiao, Xiao;  Wan, Jianbo;  Li, Peng;  Wang, Yitao
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An-gong-niu-huang Wan  Cinnabar  Realgar  Metabonomics  Detoxification  Inflammation  
Novel Hsp90 inhibitor platycodin D disrupts Hsp90/Cdc37 complex and enhances the anticancer effect of mTOR inhibitor Journal article
Authors:  Li, Ting;  Chen, Xin;  Dai, Xiao-Yang;  Wei, Bin;  Weng, Qin-Jie;  Chen, Xiuping;  Ouyang, De-Fang;  Yan, Ru;  Huang, Zhang-Jian;  Jiang, Hu-Lin;  Zhu, Hong;  Lu, Jin-Jian
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Everolimus  Platycodin d  Hsp90  Cdc37  Egfr  Igf1r  
Platycodin D, a novel Hsp90 inhibitor to disrupt Hsp90/Cdc37 complex, enhances the anti-cancer effect of mTOR inhibitor Conference paper
16th Meeting of Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine
Authors:  Li, T;  Chen, X;  Dai, XY;  Wei, B;  Weng, QJ;  Chen, X. P.;  Ouyang, D.;  Yan, R.;  Huang, ZJ;  Jiang, HL;  Zhu, H;  Lu, J.
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Everolimus  platycodin D  Hsp90  Cdc37  EGFR  IGF1R  
Platycodin D targets Hsp90 activity by disrupting Hsp90/Cdc37 cochaperones interaction Conference paper
The 5th GuangZhou international symposium oncology, the 1st annual symposium of the Chinese Association of targeted therapy in oncology
Authors:  Li, T;  Wei, B;  Chen, X;  Chen, X. P.;  Ouyang, D.;  Yan, R.;  Wang, Y. T.;  Lu, J.
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Hsp90 inhibitor  platycodin D  Cdc37  cochaperones interaction  
Platycodin D potentiates proliferation inhibition and apoptosis induction upon AKT inhibition via feedback blockade in non-small cell lung cancer cells Journal article
Scientific Reports, 2016,Volume: 6
Authors:  Li T.;  Chen X.;  Chen X.;  Ma D.L.;  Leung C.H.;  Lu J.J.
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Apoptosis  Cell Death  
Feedback loops blockade by platycodin D potentiates the anticancer potential upon AKT inhibition in non-small cell lung cancer cells Conference paper
The 9th Chinese Conference on Oncology & the 15th Cross-Strait Academic Conference on Oncology
Authors:  Li, T;  Chen, X;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y. T.;  Lu, J.
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NSCLC  Platycodin D  AKT  4E-BP1  combinational therapy  
Platycodin D potentiates proliferation inhibition and apoptosis induction upon AKT inhibition via feedback blockade in non-small cell lung cancer cells Conference paper
The International Symposium for Graduate Students on Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016 and the 2nd Annual AAPS-SYSU Student Chapter Research Symposium
Authors:  Li, T;  Chen, X;  Chen, X. P.;  Ma, DL;  Leung, C. H.;  Lu, J.
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NSCLC  platycodin D  AKT  4E-BP1  combinational therapy