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English textbook selection in Taiwan: Voices of two book sales representatives Journal article
Education Research International, 2022,Volume: 2022,Page: 1-6
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Xuan Van Ha;  Melissa H. Yu
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Robots and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portuguese Criminal Law Journal article
E.Tec Yearbook - Artificial Intelligence & Robots, 2020,Page: 39-51
Authors:  Iong, Man Teng
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Artificial Intelligence  Robot Doctors  Traditional Chinese Medicine  Portuguese Criminal Law  
The Moral Roots of Quarantine: a comparative study of the moral dimension of quarantine in pandemics across East and West Report
报告类型: 進展報告 Progress Report, , 2020
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About Contemporary Issues and the Movement of the Legal Paradigm Book chapter
出自: Topical Issues Problems of Modern Law and Economics in Europe and Asia, vol II, Moscow:Yustitsinform, 2018, 页码: 12-43
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Современные проблемы и сдвиг правовой парадигмы Book chapter
出自: Актуальные проблемы современного права и экономики Европы и Азии, том 1, Moscow:Юстицинформ, 2018, 页码: 20-41
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Conference proceedings of The Twenty-third ICMI Study: Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Numbers Conference proceedings
Macau SAR, 2015-6-3-10
Authors:  Sun XH(孫旭花);  Berinderjeet Kaur;  Jarmila Novotna
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Whole Number  Arithmatic  
Judges’ Continuing Construction in enterprise-conditioned employer dismissal in Germany: specific research of the proportion principle Journal article
Beijing Law Review, 2014,Volume: 5,Issue: 4,Page: 322-341
Authors:  Jianhong Fan
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Dismissal Right  Urgent Enterprise Need  Continuing Construction Of Legislation Space  Opinio Juris  Principle Of Proportionality  Control Structure  Social Rationality  
XXX XXX Journal article
Recht der Internationalen Wirtschaft(RIW), 2012,Page: 123-128
Authors:  Fan, J. H.;  Neuwirth, R.J.
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Business Secrets  Freedom Of Work  China Law  
The European Union and the Ambivalence towards the Process of European Integration Journal article
NUJS Law Review, 2008,Volume: 1,Issue: 1,Page: 33-53
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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European Law  Future Of Europe  
The Cultural Industries and the Legacy of Article IV GATT: Rethinking the Relation of Culture and Trade in Light of the New WTO Round Journal article
Europe-Russia Working Papers (ERWP), 2002
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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