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Quaternion-based dynamic mode decomposition for background modeling in color videos Journal article
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2022
Authors:  Juan Han;  Kit Ian Kou;  Jifei Miao
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Quaternion  Dynamic Mode Composition  Background Modeling  Color Videos  
Hyers-Ulam Stability of Linear Quaternion-Valued Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients via Fourier Transform Journal article
Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems, 2022,Volume: 21,Issue: 4,Page: 116
Authors:  Jiaojiao Lv;  Kit Ian Kou;  Jinrong Wang
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Fourier Transform  Hyers-ulam Stability  Linear Quaternion-valued Differential Equation  
Representation of solutions to Linear Quaternion Differential Equations With Delay Journal article
Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems, 2022,Volume: 21,Issue: 118,Page: 106
Authors:  Teng Fu;  Kit Ian Kou;  JinRong Wang
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Linear Quaternion Differential Equations  Delay  Solution  Delayed Quaternion Matrix Exponential  
Weighted truncated nuclear norm regularization for low-rank quaternion matrix completion Journal article
Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2021,Volume: 81
Authors:  Yang, Liqiao;  Kou, Kit Ian;  Miao, Jifei
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Low-rank  Quaternion Matrix Completion  Quaternion Truncated Nuclear Norm  Weights  
Color Image Recovery Using Low-Rank Quaternion Matrix Completion Algorithm Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2021,Volume: 31,Page: 190-201
Authors:  Miao, Jifei;  Kou, Kit Ian
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Color Image Recovery  Low-rank Decomposition  Matrix Completion  Quaternion  
A survey of orthogonal moments for image representation: Theory, implementation, and evaluation Journal article
ACM Computing Surveys, 2021,Volume: 55,Issue: 1,Page: 1-35
Authors:  Shuren Qi;  Yushu Zhang;  Chao Wang;  Jiantao Zhou;  Xiaochun Cao
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Robust Spare Representation in Quaternion Space Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2021,Page: 3637-3649
Authors:  Wang, Y.;  Kou, K. I.;  Zou, C.;  Tang, Y.Y.
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Quaternion  signal recovery  quaternion Welsch estimator  color image processing  
Quaternion block sparse representation for signal recovery and classification Journal article
Signal Processing, 2021,Volume: 179
Authors:  Zou,Cuiming;  Kou,Kit Ian;  Wang,Yulong;  Tang,Yuan Yan
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Block Sparse Representation  Quaternion Representation  Signal Recovery  
Modal Regression-Based Graph Representation for Noise Robust Face Hallucination Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2021
Authors:  Liu, Licheng;  Chen, C. L.P.;  Wang, Yaonan
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Face recognition  Faces  Graph learning  Image color analysis  Image reconstruction  modal regression  Noise measurement  quaternion representation  robust face hallucination  Superresolution  Training  
Robust Sparse Representation in Quaternion Space Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2021,Volume: 30,Page: 3637-3649
Authors:  Wang, Yulong;  Kou, Kit Ian;  Zou, Cuiming;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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Color Image Processing  Quaternion  Quaternion Welsch Estimator  Signal Recovery