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The Development and Validation of the Doctoral Student Identity Scale Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2021,Volume: 12
Authors:  Zhao, Jia Lu;  Chen, Fu;  Jia, Xiao Ming
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confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)  doctoral student  doctoral student identity  exploratory factor analysis (EFA)  scale  socialization theory  
Perfectionism, Self-Esteem, and the Will to Win Among Adolescent Athletes: The Effects of the Level of Achievements and Gender Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2021,Volume: 12
Authors:  Ahmed, Md Dilsad;  Yan Ho, Walter King;  Begum, Shaheen;  López Sánchez, Guillermo Felipe
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Need For Approval  Parental Pressure  Planfulness  Rumination  Striving For Excellence  
The Indirect Effects of Self-Esteem and Future Work Self on Career Adaptability Factors: A Study of Chinese Undergraduate Students Journal article
Journal of Employment Counseling, 2021,Volume: 58,Issue: 2,Page: 50-73
Authors:  Joanne Chan, Sow Hup;  Chan, Kuan Thye
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Appearance-contingent Self-worth  Career Adaptability  Future Work Self  Proactive Personality  Self-esteem  
Maternal achievement-oriented psychological control: Implications for adolescent academic contingent self-esteem and mathematics anxiety Journal article
International Journal of Behavioral Development, 2021,Volume: 45,Issue: 3,Page: 193-203
Authors:  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan;  Chen, Tiffany Ting
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Chinese  Contingent Self-esteem  Mathematics Anxiety  Parental Psychological Control  Random Intercept Cross-lagged Panel Model  
Body weight contingent self-worth predicts depression in adolescent girls: The roles of self-esteem instability and interpersonal sexual objectification Journal article
Body Image, 2021,Volume: 36,Page: 74-83
Authors:  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan;  Chen, Tiffany Ting
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Adolescents  Contingent Self-worth  Depression  Interpersonal Sexual Objectification  Self-esteem Instability  
Effectiveness of an Internet Dissonance-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Intervention Among Body-Dissatisfied Young Chinese Women Journal article
Behavior Therapy, 2021,Volume: 52,Issue: 1,Page: 221-233
Authors:  Luo, Yi Jun;  Jackson, Todd;  Stice, Eric;  Chen, Hong
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China  Eating Disorder Risk Factors  Ebody Project  Prevention  Women  
Casino-induced satisfaction of needs and casino customer loyalty: the moderating role of subjective norms and perceived gaming value: Article Journal article
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 2021,Volume: 38,Issue: 5,Page: 480-492
Authors:  Tsai, Henry;  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang
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casino gaming  customer loyalty  perceived gaming value  Satisfaction of needs  subjective norms  
The General Theory of Crime Revisited: Comparing the Relative Effects of Parental Responsiveness and Parental Behavioral Control on Aggressive and Nonaggressive Antisocial Behavior in Adolescence Journal article
Deviant Behavior, 2021
Authors:  Wang, Hongyu;  Li, Yi;  Cai, Tianji;  Jiang, Chunlian
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Child Maltreatment and Subjective Well-being in Chinese Emerging Adults: A Process Model Involving Self-esteem and Self-compassion Journal article
Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Qinglu;  Cao, Hongjian;  Lin, Xiuyun;  Zhou, Nan;  Chi, Peilian
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child maltreatment  emerging adulthood  psychological maltreatment  self-compassion  self-esteem  subjective well-being  
Reliability Generalization Analysis of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale Journal article
Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation, 2021,Volume: 26,Page: 1-22
Authors:  Ock, Jisoo;  McAbee, Samuel T.;  Ercan, Seydahmet;  Shaw, Amy;  Oswald, Frederick L.
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