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IOT Cloud-Edge Reconfigurable Mixed Signal Smart Meter Platform for Arc Fault Detection Journal article
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2023,Volume: 10,Issue: 02,Page: 1682 - 1695
Authors:  Wu, Ya Jie;  Brito, Ricardo;  Choi, Wai Hei;  Lam, Chi Seng;  Wong, Man Chung;  Sin, Sai Weng;  Martins, Rui Paulo
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Arc Fault Detection  Cloud Computing  Cloud Computing  Computer Architecture  Edge Computing  Edge Computing  Fault Detection  Internet Of Things  Iot  Mixed Signal Processing  Safety  Smart Meters  Smart Meters  
Recent advances in wearable electromechanical sensors—Moving towards machine learning-assisted wearable sensing systems Journal article
Nano Energy, 2022,Volume: 105,Page: 108041
Authors:  Nian Dai;  Iek Man Lei;  Zhaoyang Li;  Yi Li;  Peng Fang;  Junwen Zhong
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3D bioprinted microparticles: Optimizing loading efficiency using advanced DoE technique and machine learning modeling Journal article
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2022,Volume: 628
Authors:  Wang, Jiawei;  Heshmati Aghda, Niloofar;  Jiang, Junhuang;  Mridula Habib, Ayishah;  Ouyang, Defang;  Maniruzzaman, Mohammed
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3d Printing  Design Of Experiment  Machine Learning  Microparticle  
Smart technology vs. embarrassed human: The inhibiting effect of anticipated technology embarrassment Journal article
Annals of Tourism Research, 2022,Volume: 97
Authors:  Chan, Elisa K.;  Wan, Lisa C.;  Yi, Xiao (Shannon)
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Consumer Embarrassment  Interactive Kiosks  Public Self-consciousness  Queue Management  
Sweeping-responsive interface using the intrinsic polarity of magnetized micropillars for self-powered and high-capacity human-machine interaction Journal article
Nano Energy, 2022,Volume: 102,Page: 107671
Authors:  Sen Ding;  Mingrui Wang;  Hao Yang;  Fengming Hu;  Ziyi Dai;  Ming Lei;  Qian Zhou;  Dazhe Zhao;  Yibo Gao;  Junwen Zhong;  Jianyi Luo;  Bingpu Zhou
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Human-machine Interaction  Sweeping Operation  Wearable Sensor  Self-powered  Magnetized Micropillar  Ternary System  
Peer tutoring models in cooperative learning of mathematical problem-solving in flipped classroom and their influence on group achievement Journal article
Education and Information Technologies, 2022
Authors:  Li, Yangyang;  Jiang, Chunlian;  Chen, Zengzhao;  Fang, Jing;  Wang, Chenyang;  He, Xiuling
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Nanocellulose Paper for Flexible Electronic Substrate Book chapter
出自: Emerging Nanotechnologies in Nanocellulose, Cham:Springer International Publishing, 2022, 页码: 211–235
Authors:  Zhaoyang Li;  Jun Zhou;  Junwen Zhong
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Occupant centric energy renovation strategy for hospital and restaurant building envelop using distinct modellingtools: A case study from low-income cultural context Journal article
Energy and Buildings, 2022,Volume: 272
Authors:  Nyme Uddin, Mohammad;  Jahan Ruva, Israt;  Abu Syed, Md;  Hossain, Didar;  Akter, Raju;  Tamanna, Nesat;  Rahman, Atikur;  Saka, Abdullahi
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Agent-based Modelling  Building Information Modelling  Building Performance Simulation, Envelop Materials  Co2 Mitigation  Energy Consumption  Occupant  
Biodegradable Smart Face Masks for Machine Learning-Assisted Chronic Respiratory Disease Diagnosis Journal article
ACS Sensors, 2022,Volume: 7,Issue: 10,Page: 3135-3143
Authors:  Kaijun Zhang;  Zhaoyang Li;  Jianfeng Zhang;  Dazhe Zhao;  Yucong Pi;  Yujun Shi;  Renkun Wang;  Peisheng Chen;  Chaojie Li;  Gangjin Chen;  Iek Man Lei;  Junwen Zhong
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Construction site information decentralized management using blockchain and smart contracts Journal article
Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 2022,Volume: 37,Issue: 11,Page: 1450-1467
Authors:  Zhang, Yang;  Wang, Tengyu;  Yuen, Ka Veng
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