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Is the Way I was Raised Linked to How I Love? Perceived Parenting and Implicit Theories of Relationships Journal article
Emerging Adulthood, 2023,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 74-87
Authors:  Wang, Ziying;  Chen, Wei Wen
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emerging adults  implicit theories of relationships  perceived parenting styles  single  
Self-Intercalated Magnetic Heterostructures in 2D Chromium Telluride Journal article
Advanced Functional Materials, 2023,Volume: 33,Issue: 2
Authors:  Niu, Kangdi;  Qiu, Guotao;  Wang, Chuanshou;  Li, Daiyue;  Niu, Yutao;  Li, Songge;  Kang, Lixing;  Cai, Yongqing;  Han, Mengjiao;  Lin, Junhao
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Chromium Telluride  Cr-Intercalation  magnetic heterostructures  
A Paradigm for Examining the Interplay of Environmental Investment, Environmental Disclosure and Firm Performance in China Book chapter
出自: Corporate Resilience: Risk, Sustainability and Future Crises, New York:Springer, 2023
Authors:  Zhang, Ruopiao;  Noronha, Carlos
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Environmental Investment  Environmental Disclosure  Firm Performance  China  Green  
Effect of Information Encounter on Concerns over Healthy Eating – Mediated through Body Comparison and Moderated by Body Mass Index or Body Satisfaction Journal article
BMC public health, 2023
Authors:  Piper Liping Liu;  Angela Chang;  Matthew Tingchi Liu;  Jizhou, Francis Ye;  Wen Jiao;  Harris Song Ao;  Weixing Hu;  Kaibin Xu;  Xinshu Zhao
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Information Encountering  Information Enquiry  Information Scanning  Healthy Eating Concerns  Body Comparison  Bmi  Body Satisfaction  Average Percent Effect  Percentage Coefficient  Percent Contribution  
Experimental study on additive manufactured 304L stainless steel tubular sections: Material properties and cross-sectional behavior Journal article
Engineering Structures, 2022,Volume: 273
Authors:  Feng, Ran;  Tang, Jing Pu;  Quach, Wai Meng;  Yan, Ming;  Zhao, Jing
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304L stainless steel  Additive manufacturing (AM)  Selective laser melting (SLM)  Stub column  Tubular section  
Structural novelty detection with Laplace asymptotic expansion of the Bhattacharyya distance of transmissibility and Bayesian resampling scheme Journal article
Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2022,Volume: 540
Authors:  Mei, Lin Feng;  Yan, Wang Ji;  Yuen, Ka Veng;  Beer, Michael
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Bayesian inference  Bhattacharyya distance  Clustering  Novelty detection  Transmissibility  
Investigating the Dynamic Binding Behavior of PMX53 Cooperating with Allosteric Antagonist NDT9513727 to C5a Anaphylatoxin Chemotactic Receptor 1 through Gaussian Accelerated Molecular Dynamics and Free-Energy Perturbation Simulations Journal article
ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2022,Volume: 13,Issue: 23,Page: 3502-3511
Authors:  Xiaoli, An;  Yuzhen, Niu;  Qiong, Yang;  Yang, Lei;  Yao, Xiaojun;  Bing, Zhitong
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C5aR1  free-energy perturbation (FEP)  Gaussian accelerated molecular dynamics (GaMD) simulation  NDT9513727  PMX53  
Revisiting which/which-is relative clause in Hong Kong Cantonese Presentation
会议地点: University of Macau, 会议日期: 2022-12-05/06, 报告日期: 2022-12-06
Authors:  Chan, Brian Hok-Shing
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Relative Clause  Hong Kong Cantonese  Code-switching  Constructional Borrowing  
Heterozygotic Brca1 mutation initiates mouse genome instability at embryonic stage Journal article
Oncogenesis, 2022,Volume: 11,Issue: 1
Authors:  Wu, Xiaobing;  Guo, Maoni;  Cui, Jian;  Cai, Haoyang;  Wang, San Ming
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Englishization of the Japanese passive construction: evidence for ‘contact-induced variation’ Journal article
Asian Englishes, 2022,Page: 229-250
Authors:  Moody, A. J.;  Matsumoto, Y.
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Ukemi Passive  Englishization  Japanese Language Contact