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Tourism demand forecasting using tourist-generated online review data Journal article
Tourism Management, 2022,Volume: 90
Authors:  Hu, Mingming;  Li, Hengyun;  Song, Haiyan;  Li, Xin;  Law, Rob
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Hong Kong  Midas  Online Review  Social Media Data  Tourism Demand Forecasting  
Are customer reviews just reviews? Hotel forecasting using sentiment analysis Journal article
Tourism Economics, 2022,Volume: 28,Issue: 3,Page: 795–816
Authors:  Wu, Doris Chenguang;  Zhong, Shiteng;  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Wu, Ji
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Big Data  Hotel Demand Forecasting  Long Short-term Memory Model  Online Review  Sentiment Indices  
A Combination Model Based Deep Long Term Model for Tourism Demand Forecasting Conference paper
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Authors:  Dong, Yunxuan;  Xiao, Ling
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evolutionary algorithms  long term recurrent neural networks  Macau  Tourism demand forecasting  
Monitoring and forecasting COVID-19 impacts on hotel occupancy rates with daily visitor arrivals and search queries Journal article
Current Issues in Tourism, 2022,Volume: 25,Issue: 3,Page: 490-507
Authors:  Wu, Edmond H.C.;  Hu, Jihao;  Chen, Rui
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Big Data  Covid-19  Forecast  Hotel Occupancy Rate  Search Query Data  Visitor Arrivals  
A Spatial-temporal Model for Tourism Demand Forecasting Conference paper
2021 IEEE 23rd International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 7th International Conference on Data Science and Systems, 19th International Conference on Smart City and 7th International Conference on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud and Big Data Systems and Applications, HPCC-DSS-SmartCity-DependSys 2021
Authors:  Dong, Yunxuan;  Zhou, Binggui;  Yang, Guanghua;  Hou, Fen;  Ma, Shaodan
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Fully Connected Long Short Term Memory  Spatial-temporal Learning  Tourism Demand Forecasting  
Tourism Demand Forecasting for Multi-Destinations Project
项目编号: CPG2021-00036-APAEM, 2021-
Authors:  ROBLAW
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Hierarchical pattern recognition for tourism demand forecasting Journal article
Tourism Management, 2021,Volume: 84
Authors:  Hu, Mingming;  Qiu, Richard T.R.;  Wu, Doris Chenguang;  Song, Haiyan
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Calendar Pattern  Daily Attraction Visits  Floating Holidays  Hierarchical Pattern Recognition  Tourism Demand Forecasting  Tourism Demand Pattern  
Hierarchical Pattern Recognition in Tourism Demand Modeling and Forecasting Project
项目编号: SRG2019-00182-FBA, 2019-
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Differences in tourist behaviors across the seasons: The case of Northern Indiana Journal article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2019,Volume: 11,Issue: 16
Authors:  Choe, Yeongbae;  Kim, Hany;  Joun, Hyo Jae
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Destination marketing  Expenditure  Seasonality  Seemingly unrelated regression  Tourism advertisement  Tourism demand  
Tourism demand forecasting: A deep learning approach Journal article
Annals of Tourism Research, 2019,Volume: 75,Page: 410-423
Authors:  Law,Rob;  Li,Gang;  Fong,Davis Ka Chio;  Han,Xin
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Attention Mechanism  Deep Learning  Feature Engineering  Lag Order  Long-short-term-memory  Tourism Demand Forecasting