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Tunneling-induced settlement prediction using the hybrid feature selection method for feature optimization Journal article
Transportation Geotechnics, 2022,Volume: 36
Authors:  Cheng, Yang;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Xu, Tao
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Feature Selection  Ground Settlement  Machine Learning  Shield Tunneling  Variable Importance  
A Sliding Windows Singular Decomposition Model of Monitoring Data for Operational Tunnels Journal article
Symmetry, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 7
Authors:  Xing, Rongjun;  Xu, Pai;  Yao, Zhongming;  Li, Zhong;  Yin, Yuanwei;  Shi, Bo
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Big Data  Data-driven  Orthogonal Decomposition  Principal Component Analysis  Tunnel Deformation  
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics for Vertical Downflow using Traditional and 3D-printed Mini tubes Conference paper
Xi an, China, 2022.07.27-2022.07.31
Authors:  J.H. Chen;  L.M. Tam;  A.J. Ghajar
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Heat Transfer  Pressure Drop  3d Printed Mini Tube  
Untethered triboelectric patch for wearable smart sensing and energy harvesting Journal article
Nano Energy, 2022,Volume: 100,Page: 107500
Authors:  Dazhe Zhao;  Kaijun Zhang;  Yan Meng;  Zhaoyang Li;  Yucong Pi;  Yujun Shi;  Jiangcheng You;  Renkun Wang;  Ziyi Dai;  Bingpu Zhou;  Junwen Zhong
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Wearable Electronics  Triboelectric  Untethered  Self-powered Sensor  Energy Harvester  
Research on the settlement prediction of immersed tunnel based on the physics-informed machine learning Conference paper
Online, 2022-04-23
Authors:  He Shuyu;  Zhou Wanhuan
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Modelling and stability assessment of slurry shield tunnel excavation surface Conference paper
Online, 2022-04-23
Authors:  Cheng Yang;  Zhou Wanhuan;  Xu Tao
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Intelligent Prediction of Multi-Factor-Oriented Ground Settlement During TBM Tunneling in Soft Soil Journal article
Frontiers in Built Environment, 2022,Volume: 8
Authors:  Ding, Zhi;  Zhao, Lin Shuang;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Bezuijen, Adam
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Feature Selection  Non-parametric  Operational Factor  Pitching Angle  Tunneling-induced Settlement  
Field monitoring and numerical analysis of tunnel water inrush and the environmental changes Journal article
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 2022,Volume: 122
Authors:  Liu, Jin Quan;  Sun, Yan Kun;  Li, Chang jun;  Yuan, Hai liang;  Chen, Wei Zhong;  Liu, Xiao Yi;  Zhou, Xiao Sheng
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Completely Weathered Granite  Ground Surface Settlement  Groundwater Decline  Tunnel Construction  Water Inrush  
Investigation of feature contribution to shield tunneling-induced settlement using Shapley additive explanations method Journal article
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2022,Volume: 14,Issue: 4,Page: 1052-1063
Authors:  Kannangara, K. K.Pabodha M.;  Zhou, Wanhuan;  Ding, Zhi;  Hong, Zhehao
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Boruta Algorithm  Feature Selection  Pearson Correlation Method  Shapley Additive Explanations (Shap) Analysis  Shield Operational Parameters  
Surface settlements induced by twin tunneling in silty sand Journal article
Underground Space (China), 2022,Volume: 7,Issue: 1,Page: 58-75
Authors:  Kannangara, K. K.Pabodha M.;  Ding, Zhi;  Zhou, Wan Huan
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Earth Pressure Balance Shield  Filed Measurement  Shield Operational Parameters  Surface Settlement