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SDS-PAGE and 2-DE protein profiles of Ganoderma lucidum from different origins Journal article
Authors:  Li, Chun-Hong;  Zuo, Hua-Li;  Chen, Cen;  Hu, Yuan-Jia;  Qian, Zheng-Ming;  Li, Wen-Jia;  Xia, Zhi-Ning;  Yang, Feng-Qing
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Ganoderma Lucidum  Sds-page  2-de  Bioactive Protein  Protein Profiles  
In situ sequestration of endogenous PDGF-BB with an ECM-mimetic sponge for accelerated wound healing Journal article
BIOMATERIALS, 2017,Volume: 148,Page: 54-68
Authors:  Li, Qiu;  Niu, Yiming;  Diao, Huajia;  Wang, Lintao;  Chen, Xiuping;  Wang, Yitao;  Dong, Lei;  Wang, Chunming
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Biomimetic Scaffolds  Extraceilular Matrix  Polysaccharides  Growth Factors  Wound Healing  
Analysis of soluble proteins in natural Cordyceps sinensis from different producing areas by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and two-dimensional electrophoresis Journal article
Pharmacognosy Research, 2017,Volume: 9,Issue: 1,Page: 34-38
Authors:  Chun-Hong Li;  Hua-Li Zuo;  Qian Zhang;  Feng-Qin Wang;  Yuan-Jia Hu;  Zheng-Ming Qian;  Wen-Jia Li;  Zhi-Ning Xia;  Feng-Qing Yang
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Hierarchical Cluster Analysis  Natural Cordyceps Sinensis  Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate-polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis  Soluble Protein  Two-dimensional Electrophoresis  
Identification of the adulterated Asini Corii Colla with cytochrome c oxidase subunit i gene-based polymerase chain reaction Journal article
Pharmacognosy Research, 2017,Volume: 9,Issue: 4,Page: 313
Authors:  Zuo H.-L.;  Zhao J.;  Wang Y.-T.;  Xia Z.-N.;  Hu Y.-J.;  Yang F.-Q.
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Asini Corii Colla  Equids  Polymerase Chain Reaction  Quality Evaluation  Species Identification  
Altered protein profile of lymphocytes in an antigen-specific model of colitis: A comparative proteomic study Journal article
Inflammation Research, 2007,Volume: 56,Issue: 9,Page: 377-384
Authors:  Liu B.-G.;  Cao Y.-B.;  Cao Y.-Y.;  Zhang J.-D.;  An M.-M.;  Wang Y.;  Gao P.-H.;  Yan L.;  Xu Y.;  Jiang Y.-Y.
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Colitis  Inflammatory bowel disease  Lymphocyte  Proteomics  
Comparison of protein expression patterns between hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines and a hepatoblastoma cell line Journal article
Clinical Proteomics, 2004,Volume: 1,Issue: 3-4,Page: 313-331
Authors:  Pang R.T.K.;  Poon T.C.W.;  Wong N.;  Lai P.B.S.;  Wong N.L.Y.;  Chan C.M.L.;  Yu J.W.S.;  Chan A.T.C.;  Sung J.J.Y.
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Cell line models  Hepatoblastoma  Hepatocellular carcinoma  Proteome  Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis  
Proteome analysis and its impact on the discovery of serological tumor markers Journal article
Clinica Chimica Acta, 2001,Volume: 313,Issue: 1-2,Page: 231-239
Authors:  Poon, TCW;  Johnson, PJ
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Proteom  Proteomics  Tumor Markers  Malignancy  Hepatocellular Carcinoma  Serum