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Photocatalytic Pt(IV)-Coordinated Carbon Dots for Precision Tumor Therapy Journal article
Advanced Science, 2022,Volume: 9,Issue: 36
Authors:  Guo, Dongbo;  Lei, Josh Haipeng;  Rong, Dade;  Zhang, Tesen;  Zhang, Bohan;  Tang, Zikang;  Shen, Han Ming;  Deng, Chu Xia;  Qu, Songnan
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carbon dots  immunogenetic cell death  photocatalyst  Pt(IV) enriched prodrug  tumor therapy  
‘Teaching Dracula through the Medical Humanities’ Book chapter
出自: Approaches to Teaching Bram Stoker's Dracula, New York:Modern Language Association (MLA), 2022
Authors:  HUGHES, William
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Rational construction of ZnO/CuS heterostructures-modified PVDF nanofiber photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic activity Journal article
RSC Advances, 2022,Volume: 12,Issue: 52,Page: 34107-34116
Authors:  Zang, Chuanfeng;  Chen, Hao;  Han, Xiangye;  Zhang, Wei;  Wu, Junfang;  Liang, Fanghua;  Dai, Jiamu;  Liu, Hongchao;  Zhang, Guangyu;  Zhang, Ke Qin;  Ge, Mingzheng
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Future Law, the Power of Prediction, and the Disappearance of Time Journal article
Law, Technology and Humans, 2022,Volume: 4,Issue: 2,Page: 38-59
Authors:  Neuwirth, Rostam J.
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Law  Science Fiction  Essentially Oxymoronic Concepts  Future Studies  Sel-fulfilling Prophecy  Serendipity  Legal Synaesthesia  
Cultural adaptation challenges and strategies during study abroad: New Zealand students in China Journal article
Language, Culture and Curriculum, 2022
Authors:  Gong, Y.;  Gao, X.;  Li, M.;  Lai, C.
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Study Abroad  Chinese As a Second/foreign Language  Cultural Adaptation  Challenges  Strategies  
Some Things are not held together by Glue: Chunambo and other ‘Sticky Matter’ in Subtropical Macao, China Journal article
eTropic: electronic journal of studies in the Tropics, 2022,Volume: 21,Issue: 2,Page: 198–216
Authors:  Hodges, Benjamin Kidder
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New Materialism  Urban Development  Macao  Porosity  Land Reclamation  Multispecies  
Selling “independent foreign policy” amid the US–China rivalry: populism and Philippine foreign policy under the Duterte government Journal article
Pacific Review, 2022
Authors:  Song WQ(宋衛清);  Velasco, Joseph Ching
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Duterte  Philippine Foreign Policy  Political Marketing  Populism  Sino–philippine Relations  
Molecular engineering for constructing a D-A system and enhancing delocalization in g-C3N4 with superior photocatalytic activity Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2022,Volume: 10,Issue: 39,Page: 21031-21043
Authors:  Xu, Chengqun;  Liu, Xiaolu;  Liu, Haiyang;  Li, Dezhi;  Yang, Yuchen;  Lin, Shiyin;  Fan, Donghua;  Pan, Hui
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Quantitative Imaging of Blood Glucose Concentration Using Organic Nanoparticle Transducer 有机纳米光学传感器及血糖定量成像研究 Journal article
Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of Lasers, 2022,Volume: 49,Issue: 15
Authors:  Jing, Liu;  Xiaofeng, Fang;  Zhen, Yuan;  Changfeng, Wu
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bio-optics  biosensors  blood glucose monitoring  nanoparticle sensor  sensors  
Poker in virtual reality Journal article
International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics, 2022
Authors:  Miguel Rosa Duque;  TODD LYLE SANDEL
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Virtual Reality  Poker Game  Social Presence  Avatars  Magic Circle  Liminality  Immersion  Interactivity  Affordances  Psychology