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An image classification approach for hole detection in wireless sensor networks Journal article
Journal of Supercomputing, 2022,Volume: 78,Issue: 6,Page: 8774-8809
Authors:  Cheong, Se Hang;  Ng, Kim Hou;  Si, Yain Whar
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Convolutional Neural Network  Force-directed Algorithm  Hole Detection  Wireless Sensor Networks  
Resilient Desynchronization for Decentralized Medium Access Control Journal article
IEEE Control Systems Letters, 2021,Volume: 5,Issue: 3,Page: 803-808
Authors:  Silvestre, Daniel;  Hespanha, Joao P.;  Silvestre, Carlos
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Communication Networks  Fault Tolerant Systems  Sensor Networks  
Quick Convex Hull-Based Rendezvous Planning for Delay-Harsh Mobile Data Gathering in Disjoint Sensor Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 2021,Volume: 51,Issue: 6,Page: 3844-3854
Authors:  Liu, Xuxun;  Wang, Tian;  Jia, Weijia;  Liu, Anfeng;  Chi, Kaikai
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Connectivity  Data Gathering  Delivery Latency Minimization  Mobile Sink  Rendezvous Planning  Wireless Sensor Networks (Wsns)  
Fast Desynchronization Algorithms for Decentralized Medium Access Control based on Iterative Linear Equation Solvers Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2021
Authors:  Silvestre, Daniel;  Hespanha, Joao P.;  Silvestre, Carlos
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Closed-form solutions  Communication networks  Convergence  Distributed control  Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions  Mathematical models  Optimization  Optimization algorithms  Transmitters  Wireless sensor networks  
Anti-Jamming 3D Trajectory Design for UAV-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks under Probabilistic LoS Channel Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2020,Volume: 69,Issue: 12,Page: 16288-16293
Authors:  Duo, Bin;  Wu, Qingqing;  Yuan, Xiaojun;  Zhang, Rui
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3d Trajectory Design  Anti-jamming  Probabilistic Los Channel  Uav Communications  Wireless Sensor Network  
A novel trust mechanism based on Fog Computing in Sensor–Cloud System Journal article
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2020,Volume: 109,Page: 573-582
Authors:  Wang, Tian;  Zhang, Guangxue;  Bhuiyan, MD Zakirul Alam;  Liu, Anfeng;  Jia, Weijia;  Xie, Mande
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Edge Node  Fog Computing  Misjudgment Node  Sensor–cloud  Trust Mechanism  
A Fully Dynamic Multi-Mode CMOS Vision Sensor with Mixed-Signal Cooperative Motion Sensing and Object Segmentation for Adaptive Edge Computing Journal article
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2020,Volume: 55,Issue: 6,Page: 1684-1697
Authors:  Zhong,Xiaopeng;  Law,Man Kay;  Tsui,Chi Ying;  Bermak,Amine
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Background Subtraction (Bs)  Cmos Vision Sensor  Cooperative Motion Sensing (Ms)  Edge Computing  Frame Differencing (Fd)  Fully Dynamic  In-sensor Computation  Mixed-signal Processing  Object Segmentation (Os)  Wireless Sensor Networks (Wsns)  
Energy Efficiency Optimization in SWIPT Enabled WSNs for Smart Agriculture Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2020,Volume: 17,Issue: 6,Page: 4335-4344
Authors:  Lu, Weidang;  Xu, Xiaohan;  Huang, Guoxing;  Li, Bo;  Wu, Yuan;  Zhao, Nan;  Yu, F. Richard
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Power Allocation  Simultaneous Wireless Information And Power Transfer (Swipt)  Smart Agriculture  Subcarrier Allocation  Wireless Sensor Networks (Wsns)  
Edge-based differential privacy computing for sensor–cloud systems Journal article
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2020,Volume: 136,Page: 75-85
Authors:  Wang, Tian;  Mei, Yaxin;  Jia, Weijia;  Zheng, Xi;  Wang, Guojun;  Xie, Mande
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Data Collection  Edge-based Model  Privacy Computing  Privacy Protection  Sensor–cloud  
Desynchronization for decentralized medium access control based on gauss-seidel iterations Conference paper
Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Philadelphia, PA, 10-12 July 2019
Authors:  Daniel Silvestre;  Joao Hespanha;  Carlos Silvestre
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Communication Networks  Distributed Control  Optimization Algorithms