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Insights on copper, manganese, and Nickel/ZSM-5 catalytic mechanisms for nitric oxides selective reduction with ammonia Journal article
Carbon Resources Conversion, 2022,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 15-25
Authors:  Liu, Cheng;  Kang, Running;  Bin, Feng;  Wei, Xiaolin;  Hui, Kwun Nam;  Kasipandi, Saravanan;  Hui, Kwan San
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Kinetics  Reaction Mechanism  Selective Catalytic Reduction  Transition Metals  Zsm-5  
Revival of Zeolite-Templated Nanocarbon Materials: Recent Advances in Energy Storage and Conversion Journal article
Advanced Science, 2020,Volume: 7,Issue: 20
Authors:  Miao, Jun;  Lang, Zhongling;  Xue, Tianyu;  Li, Yan;  Li, Yiwen;  Cheng, Jiaji;  Zhang, Han;  Tang, Zikang
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Electrocatalysis  Nanocarbons  Rechargeable Batteries  Supercapacitors  Zeolites  
Hydration process of fly ash blended cement pastes by impedance measurement Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2016,Volume: 113,Page: 939-950
Authors:  Tang S.W.;  Cai X.H.;  He Z.;  Shao H.Y.;  Li Z.J.;  Chen E.
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Cement paste  Fly ash  Hydration  Impedance  Pore  Zeolites  
Direct Measurement of Raman Scattering Tensor of Orientation-Fixed Single Iodine Molecules Journal article
Advanced Functional Materials, 2015,Volume: 25,Issue: 25,Page: 3934-3942
Authors:  Dingdi Wang;  Zikang Tang
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Thermal variations of iodine nanostructures inside the channels of AlPO4-5 zeolite single crystals Journal article
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2011,Volume: 83,Issue: 19
Authors:  Ye J.T.;  Iwasa Y.;  Tang Z.K.
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Synthesis of high density 4 Å single-walled carbon nanotubes in AlPO4-5 zeolites Conference paper
Proceedings of the 2006 International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ICONN
Authors:  Zhai J.;  Tang Z.;  Sheng P.;  Hu X.
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AFI crystal  Carbon nanotube  Density  Pyrolysis  
Optical properties of organic dyes in nanoporous zeolite crystals Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2003,Volume: 83,Issue: 12,Page: 2438-2440
Authors:  Li I.L.;  Tang Z.K.;  Xiao X.D.;  Yang C.L.;  Ge W.K.
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Absorption spectra and chirality of single-walled 4 Å carbon nanotubes Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2002,Volume: 80,Issue: 18,Page: 3415-3417
Authors:  Liang W.;  Chen G.;  Li Z.;  Tang Z.-K.
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