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Emotions and creativity as predictors of resilience among L3 learners in the Chinese educational context Journal article
Current Psychology, 2022,Volume: 41,Issue: 1,Page: 406-416
Authors:  Chen, Xinjie;  Padilla, Amado M.
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Creativity  Emotions  Resilience  Second/third Language Learners  Secondary School Students  
Political Trust in East and Southeast Asia The Joint Effects of Education, Corruption Perception, and Urbanization Journal article
International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 2021
Authors:  Anli Jiang;  Tony Huiquan Zhang 张汇泉
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Psychological capital drives optimal engagement via positive emotions in work and school contexts Journal article
Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 2020,Volume: 23,Issue: 4,Page: 457-468
Authors:  King, Ronnel B.;  Pitliya, Riddhi J.;  Datu, Jesus A.
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Broaden-and-build Theory  Engagement  Positive Emotions  Psycap  Psychological Capital  
Factors Related to Suicidal Cognitions of Academically Gifted Students in the Chinese Social–Cultural Context: An Exploratory Study Journal article
Gifted Child Quarterly, 2020,Volume: 64,Issue: 3,Page: 204-218
Authors:  Chen,Xinjie;  Fan,Xitao;  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan
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Academically Gifted  Broaden-and-build Theory  Chinese  Positive Psychology  Social–cultural Context  Suicidal Cognition  
The subjective well-being of academically gifted students in the Chinese cultural context Journal article
SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 2018,Volume: 39,Issue: 3,Page: 291-311
Authors:  Xinjie Chen;  Xitao Fan;  Hoi Yan Cheung;  Joseph Wu
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Academically Gifted  Adolescents  Broaden-and-build Theory  China  Satisfaction With Life