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'Pathology, Physiology and the Un-Dead: Medicine, Misdiagnosis and Vampire Fiction' Book chapter
出自: The Literary Vampire: An Edinburgh Companion, Edinburgh:Edinburgh University Press, 2023
Authors:  HUGHES, William
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Vampire  Pathology  Medical History  Physiology  Folklore  
A Half-Tangent Phase-Locked Loop for Variable-Frequency Grids of More Electric Aircraft Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2023,Volume: 70,Issue: 02,Page: 1576-1585
Authors:  Li, Guangqi;  Dai, Zhiyong;  Wu, Bingxuan;  Yang, Yongheng;  Huang, Jin;  Lam, Chi Seng
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Aerospace Electronics  Frequency Estimation  Half-tangent Phase-locked Loop  Large Signal Model  Phase Locked Loops  Phase Portrait  Power Electronics  Steady-state  Varying Frequency Grid  Voltage  Voltage-controlled Oscillators  
Controllability and consumers' preference for sad and happy esthetic stimuli when feeling sad Journal article
Psychology and Marketing, 2023,Volume: 40,Issue: 2,Page: 317-327
Authors:  Zhang, Yu;  Hui, Michael K.;  Du, Jiangang
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approach–avoidance coping  controllability  esthetic stimuli  sadness  
Is the Way I was Raised Linked to How I Love? Perceived Parenting and Implicit Theories of Relationships Journal article
Emerging Adulthood, 2023,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 74-87
Authors:  Wang, Ziying;  Chen, Wei Wen
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emerging adults  implicit theories of relationships  perceived parenting styles  single  
Phthalate derivative DEHP disturbs the antiproliferative effect of camptothecin in human lung cancer cells by attenuating DNA damage and activating Akt/NF-κB signaling pathway Journal article
Environmental Toxicology, 2023,Volume: 38,Issue: 2,Page: 332-342
Authors:  Urade, Ritesh;  Chou, Chon Kit;  Chou, Han Lin;  Chen, Bing Hung;  Wang, Tsu Nai;  Tsai, Eing Mei;  Hung, Chun Tzu;  Wu, Shyh Jong;  Chiu, Chien Chih
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autophagy  chemoresistance  NF-κB  non-small cell lung cancer  phthalate  
Air pollution and innovation-evidence from quasi-natural experiment of China’s Huai River policy Journal article
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2023,Volume: 60,Issue: 2,Page: 425-443
Authors:  Qiao, Zhuo;  Li, Zhaohua;  Wang, Yanzhi
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Air pollution  Huai River  Innovation  Patent  Regression discontinuity  
MicroRNA biomarkers of type 2 diabetes: evidence synthesis from meta-analyses and pathway modelling Journal article
Diabetologia, 2023,Volume: 66,Issue: 2,Page: 288-299
Authors:  Zhu, Hongmei;  Leung, Siu wai
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Meta-analysis  MicroRNA biomarkers  MicroRNA-regulated pathway  Type 2 diabetes  
Spatio-Temporal Graph Attention Network for Sintering Temperature Long-Range Forecasting in Rotary Kilns Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2023,Volume: 19,Issue: 2,Page: 1923-1932
Authors:  Chen, Hua;  Jiang, Yu;  Zhang, Xiaogang;  Zhou, Yicong;  Wang, Lianhong;  Wei, Jinchao
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Forecasting in long-term horizon  multivariable time series  sintering temperature forecasting  spatio-temporal graph attention network  
Characterization and immunological activity of polysaccharides from two types of Dendrobium devonianum with different appearance Journal article
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2023,Volume: 223
Authors:  Cao, Wen;  Zhu, Baojie;  Zhang, Xuan;  Zhao, Jurun;  Li, Shaoping;  Zhao, Jing
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Chemical Characters  Dendrobium Devonianum  Immunological Activity  Polysaccharides  Saccharide Mapping  
MALDI mass spectrometry in food carbohydrates analysis: A review of recent researches Journal article
Food Chemistry, 2023,Volume: 399
Authors:  Wang, Junqiao;  Zhao, Jing;  Nie, Shaoping;  Xie, Mingyong;  Li, Shaoping
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Maldi  Mass Spectrometry  Oligosaccharide  Polysaccharide  Structure