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Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics for Vertical Downflow using Traditional and 3D-printed Mini tubes Conference paper
Xi an, China, 2022.07.27-2022.07.31
Authors:  J.H. Chen;  L.M. Tam;  A.J. Ghajar
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Heat Transfer  Pressure Drop  3d Printed Mini Tube  
Gene expression data analysis using Hellinger correlation in weighted gene co-expression networks (WGCNA) Journal article
Computational Structural Biotechnology, 2022,Volume: 20,Page: 3851-3863
Authors:  Zhang, Tianjiao;  Wong, Garry
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Design-oriented stress-strain model for FRP-confined ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) Journal article
Construction and Building Materials, 2022,Volume: 318
Authors:  Liao, Jin Jing;  Zeng, Jun Jie;  Gong, Qi Ming;  Quach, Wai Meng;  Gao, Wan Yang;  Zhang, Lihai
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Confinement  Design-oriented Model  Fiber-reinforced Polymer (Frp)  Stress–strain Model  Ultra-high Performance Concrete (Uhpc)  
Value Analysis determines when and how to strive Journal article
Advances in Psychological Science, 2022
Authors:  Cao, Siqi;  Tang, Chenchen;  Wu, Haiyan;  Liu, Xun
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Effort  Expected Value Of Control Theory  Cost-benefit Trade-off  
Steady states and pattern formation of the density-suppressed motility model Journal article
IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications), 2021,Volume: 86,Issue: 3,Page: 577-603
Authors:  Wang, Zhi An;  Xu, Xin
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Density-suppressed Motility  Global Bifurcation Theory  Helly Compactness Theorem  Pattern Formation  Stationary Solutions  
Analytical results for the dynamics of level-crossing model Journal article
New Journal of Physics, 2020,Page: 1-17
Authors:  Kam, C.-F.;  Chen, Y.
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Dynamics  level-crossing  
Analytical results for the dynamics of parabolic level-crossing model Journal article
New Journal of Physics, 2020,Volume: 22,Issue: 2
Authors:  Kam,Chon Fai;  Chen,Yang
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non-adiabatic transitions  parabolic model  two-level model  
The Prediction of Saliency Map for Head and Eye Movements in 360 Degree Images Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2019,Volume: 22,Issue: 9,Page: 2331-2344
Authors:  Yucheng Zhu;  Guangtao Zhai;  Xiongkuo Min;  Jiantao Zhou
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360 Degree  Center And Peripheral Vision  Head-eye Motion  Saliency  Scanpath  Spherical Harmonics  Vr  
‘Prima iarnă cenușie. Ecocriticismul și literatura contemporană cu zombie’ Journal article
Biblioteca Nova, 2019,Volume: 15,Page: 174-83
Authors:  HUGHES William
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A small-angle neutron scattering study of the kinetics of phase separation in a supersaturated Ni-12.5 at. pct Si alloy Journal article
Metallurgical Transactions A, 1989,Volume: 20,Issue: 4,Page: 699-710
Authors:  Polat S.;  Chen H.;  Epperson J.E.
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