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Affine particle-in-cell method for two-phase liquid simulation Journal article
Virtual Reality and Intelligent Hardware, 2021,Volume: 3,Issue: 2,Page: 105-117
Authors:  Lyu, Luan;  Cao, Wei;  Wu, Enhua;  Yang, Zhixin
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Affine Particle-in-cell Method  Fluid Simulation  Two-phase Flow  
Extended Narrow Band Weighted MultiFLIP for Two-Phase Liquid Simulation Conference paper
Proceedings ofVRCAI '19: The 17th International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry, N/A, 2019-11-01
Authors:  Lyu, L.;  Cao, W.;  Yang, Z. X.;  Wu, E. H.
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Multiflip  Extended Narrow Band Weighted Multiflip  Two-phase Fluid Simulation  Extended Narrow Band Flip